As early as 2015, the makers of Squishy Games included Rogue Invader announced their new indie project. More than five years later, the release of the somewhat different roguelite shooter is now certain. Accordingly, the game will be released on February 21, 2021 for the PC. Rogue Invader differs from its genre colleagues especially visually.

The title comes in a special 1-bit style with a resolution of 720p. Your task in the game is to take revenge for the attack of the Zeno alien and now to attack their area with your fleet. However, during the journey through space, the army lost all supply spaceships in a battle. Therefore, at the beginning of your mission you have a large fleet available for the attack – but no resources and only a single drop pod and a pistol.

In the course of Rogue Invader you will then have 24 different weapons with customizable modifications to choose from. You will also meet different enemies and mini bosses. On the product page at Steam you can find more screenshots of the 1-bit roguelite shooter.

Source: Steam

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