WoW's interface is not necessarily one of the nicest or best in the MMORPG genre, although Blizzard has tinkered with it a lot over the past few years. Nevertheless, most players help with one or the other add-on to completely adapt the user interface to their own wishes and needs. This is by no means objectionable, after all, Blizzard has integrated its own interface for precisely such things. It enables the authors of the small additional programs to implement their add-ons into the game. In order to get an overview of the possibilities of the addons, we introduce you to a few of the little helpers at irregular intervals. This time we will focus on addons that will help you get started in the Shadowlands.

Do i need addons?

Install addons

For a downloaded add-on to work, you have to put it in the right place. The directory / _retail_ / Interface / AddOns is located in your WoW folder. Here you grab the folder with your add-on and it will be loaded automatically the next time you start World of Warcraft.

Or you use a dedicated client, such as the CurseForge App. Clearly: it depends! Anyone who wants to enjoy WoW informal, which also comes with the original interface to your destination. But if you want to get everything out of your character, addons can help. They give you a better overview, take on one or the other task or support you in other ways. We therefore recommend that you simply try the add-ons.

The addon QuestPlates Many WoW players don't actually need it, as its function is part of most interface add-ons. But if you prefer to play with the original look or want to install as few add-ons as possible, you should think about installing QuestPlates at least for the level phase. Because it can prevent one or the other moment of frustration during the quest.

Here, the here!

QuestPlates: & nbsp; The mark next to the nameplate indicates that we need this mob for the quest. & Nbsp;

QuestPlates: The mark next to the nameplate indicates that we need this mob for the quest.

Source: Buffed

QuestPlates has no setting options. You can only adjust a few things using complicated chat commands, which is completely unnecessary. Because the addon does nothing more than equip the name badges of the enemies that you have to kill for an active quest with a small marker. There you can also read directly from the number how many mobs you still have to knock down. If it is necessary to use a quest item, the appropriate symbol will also be displayed. This saves you time, especially if you are one of the players who do not read the quest texts very carefully or not at all. You just run after the new quest marker and knock down the mobs that are marked with the additional symbols. Actually, the addon should also show you if you have to capture a certain item from an opponent. However, this did not work very reliably in our last test in the Beta of Shadowlands. Here and there the icon was still missing or displayed incorrectly. Hopefully the developers at QuestPlates will have managed to do this by the time Shadowlands is launched.

The start of a new expansion also marks the beginning of a new hunting season. Some are chasing Mythic Plus scores, others are chasing PvP ratings and still others are chasing the latest mounts or successes. The add-on should be especially for the latter RareScanner be worth a look.

Rare mob right ahead!

The RareScanner actually does nothing other than constantly observe your surroundings and scan for rare mobs or rare treasure chests. If the add-on has found what you are looking for, you will receive a warning including a sound effect and the position will be displayed to you. But so that you also know directly whether the detour is worthwhile, RareScanner shows the loot table of the respective opponent or the treasure chest on request. Completeists are happy that they no longer miss a rare thing that has hidden behind trees along the way.

RareScanner: & nbsp; If you click on the message, you have the mob as your target - if you are close enough. & Nbsp; "src =" 1-buffed.jpg

Source: Buffed

RareScanner: & nbsp; Individual rare mobs can be removed from the chase if desired. "Src ="

Source: Buffed

Clear map

In addition, Rare scanner missed the card or a complete overhaul. You will now find the potential positions of all known rare mobs and treasure chests. Of course, here the potential spoils are displayed on mouseover. You will also get the information whether the rare mob is part of a success. It is noticeable that the skulls, which mark the positions of the opponents, have different colors. Based on this, you can tell whether you still need a rare for a success or whether you have never seen it before.

Together we are strong

The addon also communicates with other players in the same area so that you don't miss a rarity during leveling and later when quests in the endgame. If you discover a rare rare mob, players in the area will also see it. In the same way you can see the opponents that are revealed by other players in your area. These are then displayed on the map, so you can directly control them. This makes it even easier for you to find and knock down all the rarities in an area quickly and effectively. Ideally, you will have ticked off most of the rare enemies and boxes by the time you have completed the level phase of Shadowlands.

If you like to progress slowly while leveling and above all want to experience the story, you can now jump from here to the next addon. If you just want to reach the maximum level quickly, we can do that Azeroth Auto Pilot recommend.

Always follow the arrow

Azeroth Auto Pilot does not require any major settings and works perfectly right after installation. It gives you all sorts of help so that you can progress quickly with the quests and have to think as little as possible. You will be guided from one quest to the next using the navigation arrow – in the order that will bring you to the maximum level the fastest – regardless of any storylines. Cutscenes are automatically skipped, quests accepted and submitted independently and dialogues are also skipped.

Azerot Auto Pilot: Azeroth Auto Pilot has some setting options. "Src ="

Source: Buffed

Azerot Auto Pilot: & nbsp; You just run "brain afk" after the arrow and level up in front of you. & Nbsp; "src =" 2-buffed.jpg

Source: Buffed

A small display clearly explains how the current quest is to be solved. In contrast to the normal quest text there will is also often help. For example, where you can find something or which opponents are to be killed. You can even use the add-on to fix the use of quest items on a button, so that you can always use the same button and you don't have to keep dragging new items into the bar.

Boring effective

Playing with Azeroth Auto Pilot is about as exciting as watching grass grow. The whole thing has nothing more of quests in an MMORPG. Therefore, you should definitely do something else on the side – be it watching series or sitting in voice chat with friends. Otherwise, we simply boldly claim, your brain will eventually turn to Murloc mud. On the other hand, Azeroth Auto Pilot is undefeated effective. There is hardly a faster way to get to the maximum level than chasing the autopilot. For those for whom the path is not the goal but a necessary evil, the add-on is an excellent choice.

Who at some point with the economy in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) the website should have dealt with be a term. All auction houses are permanently scanned there and it is recorded which items are offered for which prices – very important information for everyone who wants to earn their gold by trading. But "normal" players can also earn gold with the Undermine Journal. Especially at the beginning of an expansion, hardly anyone knows what stolen items are actually worth. Sure, everyone can imagine that herbs are, as always, quite expensive. But what about green items, looted pets or self-made goods? Of course you can always run to the auction house and have a look, but who does that. So before you disenchant a green sword or sell it to a dealer, it would be good to know whether you can make a fortune with it, because transmog hunters are very keen on it.

Average prices in the tooltip

The Undermine Journal: & nbsp; The tooltip tells you the approximate market price of an item. & Nbsp;

The Undermine Journal: The tooltip tells you the approximate market price of an item.

Source: Buffed

The addon does nothing more than display the average price of the item in the tooltip. For a better overview, a distinction is made between different time periods. You will see both the average price for the past three and the last 14 days. And the standard deviation is also included. In this way you can quickly and easily see whether and what an item is worth.
However, caution is advised! Because the prices shown are really only average prices. If a few jokers have put a herb for twelve million gold in the AH, this sometimes greatly falsifies the displayed price. But for most players, that's not the point. You only get the opportunity to quickly and easily see whether you have accidentally come across a really valuable item, pet or the like that you should rather bring to the auctioneer instead of the dealer. In this way alone, the author of these lines has earned several million gold in the past few years.

Shortly before the start of the new expansion, many players will traditionally start by clearing out their pockets and banks, selling all the junk, and then heading into the new areas with empty pockets and lots of inventory space. This is relatively important, because you will be thrown tons of items again in Shadowlands. Keeping an overview here is quite a feat. Especially of course when you think of the confusing pockets of the original interface. ArkInventory can help you with that.

Better sorting

ArkInventory: Once set, the pockets look a lot clearer. & Nbsp;

ArkInventory: Once set, the bags look very much clearer from.

Source: Buffed

ArkInventory completely replaces your standard bags and displays them in a large window. That alone ensures a lot more clarity. The two most important features are two different ones. This is how the addon sorts all your belongings if you wish. You can define different categories for this – for example equipment, bottles, quest items or mining. All items that are sorted into one of these given categories are then displayed in a small extra box within the pocket window. So you can quickly and easily only see what interests you. You can also create your own categories and then assign items to them manually. This is useful if, for example, all items for the tank spec or PvP are combined, but it is very time-consuming to set everything from scratch.

More overview of all characters

ArkInventory: & nbsp; With various settings we can assign items to different groups. & Nbsp;

ArkInventory: With various settings we can assign items to different groups.

Source: Buffed

The second advantage is the adaptation to the tooltips. If you move the mouse pointer over an item, you can see in the tooltip how many of these items you own. ArkInventory shows you which character owns how many such items and where he keeps them – bank, empty store or bags. The guild bank is also checked and listed.

But not only can you see what your twinks have in their pockets, you can also check it manually. With just a few clicks you can look at the pocket contents of each character and browse through them. Also applies to all pockets, banks, Void Storage, and even the scale items. So you never have to log in again to check whether any character still has something important somewhere in their pocket. And that's exactly what will save a lot of time at the start of Shadowlands. Because with all the new handicraft materials that many players send back and forth between their characters, you often have to check whether there is still an ore, jewel, fabric or herb lying around somewhere.

The addon that has been revised and improved for Shadowlands Leatrix Plus help you with lots of little things. It is primarily about quality-of-life improvements. It also takes a few clicks from you here and there, which you would always do anyway and which you can save yourself.

From repairing to reviving

The things taken over include, for example, the automatic sale of gray items or the independent repair of your equipment whenever you are at a dealer that offers this. But also incantations or revivals by group members are automatically accepted by Leatrix Plus. The add-on distinguishes whether you are in combat or not. In addition, requests from friends, duel requests or group invitations can be blocked, which can be useful for one or the other.

Interface improvements

In addition, various other little things are integrated in Leatrix Plus, for which you would otherwise need your own addon. From additional displays and tooltip content to hiding annoying error messages or unnecessary screen displays to the possibility of moving various interface elements and adjusting their size or appearance. So if you are not 100% satisfied with the original interface, but still prefer to stay away from complex interface add-ons like ElvUi or TukUi, you can use it to make at least some adjustments. And the most important function for many is increasing the zoom factor. Leatrix Plus allows you to move the camera further away from your character than is normally the case. We personally like the faster auto-loot function of quests. This does not first open a loot window from which the items fly into the bag. The loot immediately goes into your pocket when you click.

The small but nice addon GTFO has only marginally to do with the start of the new expansion, but it is still a recommendation from us to you. Because with the way into the Shadowlands, new dungeons and raids open again. And of course there are plenty of new poison puddles waiting for you to get on your leather. If we've got used to all of the void zones in Battle for Azeroth for a long time, we'll have to learn it again in Shadowlands. This is especially true because there are some nasty areas waiting for you in the new dungeons that don't look evil at first glance. And then there are those areas that look dangerous but actually have positive effects – for example one or the other pact ability. Of course, all players will get used to it sooner or later, but the GTFO addon will help you until then.

Get the Fuck Out

GTFO: & nbsp; You can set GTFO, but that's actually completely unnecessary. & Nbsp;

GTFO: You can set GTFO, but that's actually completely unnecessary.

Source: Buffed

… do nothing more than honk loudly as soon as you stand in any harmful surface. In contrast to DBM or BigWigs, the warning tone is so annoying that it is practically impossible to ignore it. Anyone who remains standing in harmful areas either has the sound off or is almost deaf. So you can focus your attention on other things on your first visits to the new dungeons – for example the boss mechanics or special abilities of the trash mobs. The addon offers some setting options, but you can ignore all of them. Simply installed and it does its job flawlessly. Unless you really want to change the volume separately or exclude certain effects from a warning. The latter can be useful if you are assigned to a raid to intercept a certain puddle or something similar. Usually you never have to open the settings.

DpS meters are a bit like the Bild newspaper. Many complain about them and yet they are usually one of the first addons to be installed. Damage meters are both a blessing and a curse for WoW. On the one hand, it is easy to make comparisons. Everyone can find out for themselves, even without theory crafting, which talent makes more sense for them, which pieces of armor really rock and with which style of play the boss gets poured the most. On the other hand, many players end up reducing it all to a single number. If it is too low, the player is considered bad. However, this is not the fault of Skada and Co. Despite all the negative opinions, we recommend you to install a DpS meter at least for the start of Shadowlands.

Himself is the hero

Skada: & nbsp; DpS meters like Skada give you various information about your damage. & Nbsp;

Skada: DpS meters like Skada give you various information about your damage.

Source: Buffed

With Shadowlands not only dozens of new talents but also various new systems come into play. Legendarys, pact skills, media, soul bonds – all of them have an influence on the way you play and your performance. But how should you choose? Of course, you can just use whatever sounds cool and is the most fun. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you want to make your choice at least a little from the point of view of performance, you face a problem. Because guides, unless they are intended to be a treatise the size of a doctoral thesis, can never illuminate all facets equally and give you the right advice for every distribution and opportunity. And simulating your own character over and over again is not only too much work for some, but also needs to be learned how to use such tools correctly. Therefore, it is often advisable to simply try it out. Sometimes you play a little with this talent, then you use another one. A couple of dungeons with this soul bond, a couple with the alternative partner. But only if you have a DpS meter running during this time can you halfway determine which distribution is more effective.

Warcraftlogs Light

Skada: & nbsp; Damage, healing or buffs taken can also be checked. & Nbsp;

Skada: You can also look up damage taken, healing or buffs.

Source: Buffed

But damage meters can now do a lot more, as they can log more or less all the events of a fight and then reproduce them in an edited manner. You can see which abilities hit you yourself, you can read which attack caused which damage and the effects of buffs and debuffs can also be read out. In short: You can still look at all the important information from the past fights afterwards. This is of course quite useful, especially with new content. Because completely new opponents are waiting for you in the dungeons or the open areas of the Shadowlands. It can help to take a look in between to see what actually happened to you in the fights. Very few of us really notice everything that is beating down on our characters.

Boss mods like DBM you don't really need it nowadays. Almost every action by raid bosses is announced well in advance by animations or voice output or can be read from the level of energy, mana or life points. Or they can be conveniently displayed via WeakAura. Nevertheless, many players have become so used to these add-ons that they no longer want to play without them. Especially at the beginning of an expansion, it makes perfect sense to use BigWigs or DBM.

Deadly Boss Mods: & nbsp; You can also decide for all effects whether they should be displayed. & Nbsp; "src =" jpg

Source: Buffed

Deadly Boss Mods: & nbsp; You can use the Bossmod to display all the important information about a fight. & Nbsp; "src ="

Source: Buffed

New bosses, new mechanics

Because while most players already know the mechanics of the dungeon and raid bosses in Battle for Azeroth by heart, with Shadowlands countless new attacks and abilities are added. Here the boss mods can help you to keep an eye on them. This helps in particular, as you have to pay more attention to your rotation and style of play than you currently do at the start of Shadowlands. Pact abilities, soul bonds and legendarys do not necessarily make the rotations of the classes more complicated, but especially at the beginning you have to get used to it, which requires more attention than if you had been playing with it for months. Therefore everything is welcome that relieves you of a little burden. Which boss mod you use for this doesn't really matter. DBM and BigWigs don't give each other a lot. But it is important to know that BigWigs only applies to raids. If you also want support in the dungeon, then you also need LittleWigs, while both should be included as standard with DBM.

Similar to the boss mods you can too WeakAuras 2 help you focus on the important things in battle.

There's a WeakAura for …

WeakAuras 2: & nbsp; With WeakAuras 2 you can import complete interfaces ....

WeakAuras 2: With WeakAuras 2 you can import complete interfaces …

Source: Buffed

At the start of a new expansion, we're all grappling with new rotations, new boss skills, and new features. We take all the help we can get with us. Be it not to oversleep the correct use of the new pact ability or to know which tea we as Venthyr have to serve at the party. No matter what kind of problem arises in WoW somewhere – one of the millions of players out there is guaranteed to write a WeakAura that can help. There are whole WA packages with the help of which you can see complete rotations and priority lists or at least keep an overview of all the important effects and cooldowns of your class. And so there will be support for everything again at the start of Shadowlands. Boss skills in dungeons, the status of your pact skills or warnings for the skills of the dungeon master in the gulp. You decide for yourself where you want to accept help and look for the right WeakAura on An advantage is that you can easily share via chat with your friends and guild colleagues auras.

get started now

WeakAuras 2: & nbsp; ... or create it yourself according to your own wishes and needs.

WeakAuras 2: … or create it yourself according to your own wishes and needs.

Source: Buffed

WeakAura is considered by most experienced players to be the most important addon, because it can be used to do almost everything that other addons can do. From Bossmods using interface adjustments to automated processes – with the right WeakAura no problem. The start of a new extension is always a good time to familiarize yourself with the powerful utility program and to decide for yourself whether WeakAuras is something for you or not. Because the start of Shadowlands all players new auras that are adapted to the class changes or features of the expansion need.


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