It's not a day like any other, because today is Dungeon Day! At last you are high enough to make the Deadmines unsafe. After all, the leveling has taken a felt century. As a World Warrior, you've created a brand new shield and bought your tank skills from the trainer. With fingers swinging over the keyboard, you announce in the chat that you are a tank and the Defias Westfall have long been unsafe. After deciphering some barely decipherable messages in the style of "14 dudu, inv pls, gogogo", half an hour has elapsed. Your brave troop is ready to arrive in Moonbrook – except for the healer, who unannouncedly pauses for a cigarette break and faces the flight master with an empty face for twenty minutes. Your Druid begins to berate the healer in the chat, whereupon you provide peace before you have to find a new priest. When you finally arrive in the Death Mines, you're breathing through: time to kick your butt and chew gum! And you forgot your chewing gum … stop! What's this?! Why does the rogue run into the first lump of Defias miners with wildly rowing daggers? And why is the druid running after? Panicking, she tries to get the Aggro, but the Damage Dealer's damage is too high. Five seconds later, both are in the dirt and begin to insult you wildly. After the priest has revived the two with a shrug, you slowly, but surely fight through the mines – until the priest runs out of mana. While your robe carrier is frantically trying to drink as much water as quickly as possible, your damage distributors are already propelling into the next group of enemies. With the predictable result that your team disintegrates after the wipe as fast as your gold supply at the next blacksmith. What the abyss has just happened?

The dungeons of WoW Classic play differently

Sit down, we have to talk. No, not the whole "Where the little undead come from" thing, but a few important rules of behavior that should be followed in classic dungeons. If you feel familiar with the situation described above, you have probably already realized that here is a lot different than on the live servers. Gone are the days when the tank runs diagonally across the dungeon, tearing the aggro of all enemies in fractions of a second. We're celebrating the return of an old acquaintance: The control skills that have been lost in your spellbook lately are cleared by a polite voice and then settle back on the quick bars. Dungeons in Classic-WoW are like a weekend at a music festival: If all goes well, you have a good time with friends, chats, snacks in between and a magical journey. If everything goes wrong, however, someone will definitely catch fire, after a squabble someone starts quarreling with the bodybuilder in the tent next door and somehow no one has thought to take something edible. Luckily you have us! In our little "Flop Ten" we introduce you to the ten no-gos in classic dungeons and give you tips on how to make your violent camping trip a little more enjoyable. We do not take ourselves too seriously, because after all we are not free of guilt – we have already committed more than one of the following mistakes. So follow us into the wonderful world of nerve-wracking Disaster Trips and nods wisely when you discover a no-go that you've already done.

Cancel, cancel! If you inadvertently rattle into an adversary group in WoW Classic, please always run to the tank instead of collecting a polonaise from mobs.

Cancel, cancel! If you inadvertently rattle into an adversary group in WoW Classic, please always run to the tank instead of collecting a polonaise from mobs.

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1. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: Anger Management

"Shamans can not refuel!"
Yes, they can. And we push the next guard warrior through the wall, claiming something else. On Horden's side, you place a shield and inflict aggro with damage – in five and ten-man dungeons alike, as main and off tanks.
Please, please let the tank do its work. And in Classic-WoW, this is not the sprint of an opponent's mob, but the slow and methodical aggro control of a small group of elite opponents. Allow the tank time to build up aggro and rip a few stacks of armor to face opponents. Properly read, in Classic-WoW the term "Antanken" is celebrating a renaissance. Explanation: On the Classic servers Aggro does not work like a Metronome swinging from one extreme to the other, but more like a fuel supply. The tank slowly and steadily replenishes its supply by continually applying its threat abilities and the damage distributors lower their fuel levels through their damage capabilities. If the damage dealers are too greedy, the supply is empty and the tank loses aggro. Important, alarm, alarm! At the same time this means that damage classes please moderate! To knock out everything that goes, produces pretty good damage figures, but bombards the tank's aggro supply in fractions of a second. This does not mean that you are the best Damage Dealer under the Sun, nor that the tank is bad – it just makes you realize that you can not control your aggro output. We even claim that an Aggro loss in Classic WoW is the fault of the damage dealers in almost one hundred percent of the cases. If you can not judge the whole thing, you just add a damage meter add-on. Make your tank happy and your dungeon trip will be much more relaxed.

2. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: A kingdom for a sheep

Surely you know the moments in which Classic-WoW seems a bit slow to you? Despite all the cosiness and nostalgia, one can not deny that fighting on the Classic servers is approached much more methodically. Since it can sometimes happen that you just want to accelerate the whole thing a bit – why not draw a few more opponents? Why does the magician finally have his improved blizzard if he is not allowed to use it? The problem is that surface magic, unlike live servers, is not always appropriate. The safe option is still to take as many enemies out of combat as possible and refuel the rest in peace. More and more enemies are taken out of the stun, so that each group of opponents can be defeated slowly but surely.

Please use your control skills! Do not be the magician or warrior who breaks anesthesia, just so the dungeon is finished a few minutes earlier. Even worse, do not be the guy who wants to encourage his comrades to "play better" by pulling up large groups of opponents. Those who are competent enough can actually destroy huge amounts of enemies with the "Cleave Method", but that includes discipline and communication. A random group is always better advised to work in the old-fashioned way. And while we're at it … it's still bearable at the beginning, but in later dungeons it's absolutely necessary to introduce a kill order. You know the game: the skull is killed in front of the cross, the moon is turned into a sheep, the star is turned off by the villain with a head-nut. Keep to the target markers and in case of doubt ask which signs stand for what.

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3. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: The loyalty of a companion is limitless

It is touching to see how devotedly hunters in Classic-WoW take care of their companion: they feed the animal, keep it happy and mourn its loss should it continue. So why do all hunters and sorcerers forget to bring their damned critters to safety when the group takes a cut ?! Please, please send your companions away if you jump down or climb up somewhere. The Razorfen Downs is our favorite example when it comes to deadly hunters: You jump down a floor, your faithful animal panics and take the long path – collecting every single enemy in the instance. A safe animal is a happy animal. That also applies to your group.

4. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: Confusing the world goes by

Marathon runners
It has to be repeated for a reason: If you draw Aggro, run to the tank and not in any direction! Magicians and Warlocks please stop and complete their surface spells to avoid wasting mana. Trust your healer.
We admit, we've done just this faux pas more than once: Put your interface in such a way that you have everything in view and possible no buttons to neighbors who have lost absolutely nothing next to each other. Our favorite example is a situation that we affectionately call "the surprised magician": As a magician, you are a good match to your task, always turning one opponent per group into a sheep. The tank is happy, the healer looks good and your damage colleagues are competent and careful. Everything is going so well that you even get a little sleepy. After all, your job consists only of "sheep" and "bombs". The next opponent group appears and you click once more on the Transfiguration button. And suddenly it's in the middle of a bunch of angry ogres. Even before you understand what has just happened, the grunting bats rush at you, igniting your Frost Nova and screaming in panic at your voice chat as the rest of the group, as panicked and confused, tries to pull you out of the fray.

Can happen anytime! You've put the Transfiguration button next to the Blink button. It does not matter if you like to click with the mouse or operate your keyboard like a master piano player – the two buttons have nothing to look for next to each other. The same is true of priests who like to pacify thoughts, rogues who distribute crabs, hunter traps, and so on. The impact on your group depends on how much fun your companions understand. Once you laugh together about the mishap and then cheerfully chop it up, everything is fine – but the mood of groups that are full of strained performance fanatics, then guaranteed tilt. We remember: A well-separated button layout becomes important the moment you pull the entire dungeon, even though you just wanted to turn somebody into a sheep.

If Joe Dragonface brings his two brothers to the game date in a Classic Dungeon, the pull was bad - use your stun abilities.

If Joe Dragonface brings his two brothers to the game date in a Classic Dungeon, the pull was bad – use your stun abilities.

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5. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: The silent apocalypse

Talk to each other! You do not have to review your day in a two-page essay in chat, but let it be known that you are spiritually present and have the situation in mind. A short "Ready?" in front of large numbers of opponents already gives you that you care about your teammates. And yes, in Classic it's time again to do the Ready Check from time to time: you fight with a bunch of strangers you met in the chat half an hour ago, you had to travel to the dungeon awkward and there you fight Enemies crunching you into three pieces if you do not pay attention to your resources – who communicates wins. And who knows, maybe you'll find some new friends?

No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: No skill, no group

As long as you are in the appropriate step area and do not climb naked from gripping, you can easily master any dungeon. Telling someone in Classic WoW that he's not good enough for a dungeon always makes us smile a bit. Not good enough for what? There are hardly any mechanics, you work your way through a huge bunch of opponents and then refuel a fat boss. There are no enrage timers, no wild enemies whizzing around the room that need to be killed at a specific location, and no super-duper specials. Even your talent distribution is not really important! For example, warriors can refuel if they have their tanking abilities and a shield. Finished. There is no perfect tank skill for normal dungeons. While you need reflexes and skill within seconds on the live servers, in Classic-WoW you only need friends and time for the entire content. Let nothing else persuade you, elitism has lost nothing here.

7. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: flight delay

You have put together a group, you have agreed on a dungeon, little by little your fellow combatants arrive and the mood rises. You chat a bit, chase away the time … but somehow group member number five is still coming. From that point on, one of two things happens: Either you do not get an answer to your question and wait, hoping that your companion has not fallen from the grasp – the uncertainty in this variant gnaws at the patience of your group and makes the desire arise Just throw the loafer out and look for a replacement. Variant number two is not better either: At your kind request, the loafer assures you that he only has a few things left to do, but he's sure to be there soon. Except that "a few things" seems to be a very elastic concept and includes a fishing trip, bank management and cooking a few snacks in between. Then you meet an old acquaintance and chatter firmly … you know how that is. Please, please make your way to the dungeon when you join a group! No, not in ten minutes, not in a minute – now! Use the group search for all preparations and make your cigarette break before. Prepare for your run!

If you are all in the same city in WoW Classic, you should meet with your dungeon group directly at the flight master. This avoids a "jam" on the dungeon.

If you are all in the same city in WoW Classic, you should meet with your dungeon group directly at the flight master. This avoids a "jam" on the dungeon.

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8. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: losing streak

In the meantime, it should have arrived in the general Classic memory, but for safety once again: If your healer talk, then listen! Seriously, please look into the chat, because the moment the healer writes "OOM", "Mana" or "I'm thirsty", the entire group stops and takes a break. It does not matter if the healer appears to you like a toddler in the backseat who wants to eat and drink all the time – if your priest is thirsty, then they drank. Secondly, we urge all group members to do a first aid course: Anyone who can bandage themselves takes the healer off their shoulders. Yes, that means that spill-outs sometimes take a break from time to time and heal themselves (if they have no aggro). The tank has priority because it ensures that the healer can do his job at all. After the worst is over, the healer will certainly have time to get the damage dealers on their feet, blow them once and put a plaster on their knees.

9. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: Too much effort

Do you remember how you got upset when everyone grabbed the quest mobs and did not want to spit anything? You do not have the problem in Classic Dungeons. On the contrary, if you have cleared out a lump of opponents, the next ones are already respawning behind you. This is especially unpleasant if your group lays a wipe just before the boss. Then you have to beat yourselves again by enemies already believed defeated, which can consume quickly on the nervous costume. Nevertheless, we ask that you start a few attempts for the sake of your comrades. There is hardly anything more frustrating than group members who, after one or two attempts, throw in the towel and leave the rest of the group in the rain. Do not get us wrong, real life is always going on, of course, but if you've already taken your time for a dungeon, then bite through to the end. Your comrades will thank you.

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10. No-Go in WoW Classic Dungeons: Too good to use

Use your offensive decay abilities – even while you're just doing the trash mobs on the way to the boss! An entire group using their decay skills plows through the dungeon much faster than a troop of over-careful weekend warriors who do not use their cooldowns because "maybe they'll be important." They are important! Now! At this moment! And if the ability is not available at the next boss, sit down and eat a mana whirlpool. If you have already paid dear money for the ability, then use it as often as possible.

Keep calm!

Fortunately, the above ten no-gos are easily remediated by friendly demand and some well-intentioned advice – although admittedly it's a lot of fun to get worked up about your fellow players' big and small quirks. And once your comrades once again steal the aggro from the tank, run out of the healer's reach, or pull the entire dungeon at once, just sit back and enjoy the chaos. In contrast to the hectic live servers, the whole thing does not resemble a car wreck that explodes in fractions of a second, but rather a container ship that slowly but surely lays the harbor facilities to ashes. And who knows, maybe the next dungeon trip will be a complete success? Whether you triumph or fail disastrously: Classic dungeons feel like an adventure again because of the long journey and the slow preparation. And in the arduous and needy life of an adventurer, the rare successes shine even brighter. So get your friends together, bring light to the dark spots of Azeroth and attack the sheep last. I wish you success!

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