from Johannes Gehrling
With each new Pokémon generation, there are also new fantasy creatures. Such pocket monsters as Pikachu, Glurak, Mewtu and many others have cult status and are the darlings of millions of players and Pokémon fans. But there are also really stupid critters: Pokémon from garbage, living gears or flying teacups, for example. In the special we show you ten really stupid Pokémon in the new Pokémon games Sword & Shield for the Nintendo Switch. With video!

Have you ever wondered when the Pokémon makers are going to run out of ideas for new pocket monsters? Well, if we look at some of the critters like that, then that's probably been the case for some time. Or let's say better: the ideas for cool Pokémon. Really stupid monsters still fall into the hands of the boys and girls on Game Freak, as evidenced by the new sword and shield games for the Nintendo Switch.

Or do you think a pocket monster made entirely of garbage and stinky is a great addition to your own team? Should it rather be a jumping apple with eyes? No? But rather a flying teacup … with eyes? Alive gears – with eyes? A piece of hard coal … with a single eye? In Sword & Shield you actually have "only" the choice between 400 different pocket monsters, because Game Freak has canceled the national Pokédex. But enough stupid critters still made it into the game.

Curious? Then watch our video for ten really stupid Pokémon in Pokémon Sword & Shield (buy now for 19,99 €) on. Not only do you get to know what's behind the weird contemporaries described in the last paragraph, but you also get to see the funny creatures. If you are curious about the new Pokémon games, then you should read our test right now, there is also a (serious) video about the games. The 65th issue of The Nintendo podcast also talked in great detail about Sword & Shield when you're more into audio, then check it out. The podcast is everywhere, now that there are podcasts. For example on Spotify, YouTube, Apple podcasts and everywhere else.

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