10 tips and tricks for crafting, base building and combat

Darling, obsidian has shrunk the kids; and the plot twist: you are the children and your beautiful autumn garden becomes a survival hell in the new indie hit Grounded. The early accesses of the small co-op game have already turned half of the Steam user community into tiny little people – should it be your turn now, you definitely need a few tips.


DO NOT ATTACK THE ANTS! Not immediately, at least, because honestly: If someone had shrunk you cheekily to two millimeter little people, you wouldn't immediately attack everything that moves and is sometimes in the majority, right? Obsidian Entertainment lets in a breath of fresh air through our survival games collection blow because Grounded is based on the sacred statutes of the Survival game designs, but it shows the world from a completely new and very pretty perspective: from below. What you probably already knew when you read this. So let's get to those 10 tips and tricks come that you know should.

If you think about that Early Access from Grounded on Steam to try – take a look at the little world under your feet:

1. Do not attack everything that moves immediately

Grounded will let you know if you have to defend yourself: some of the smaller and larger beetles will attack you anyway, but you shouldn't start immediately. You become from every tiny creature Materials and resources can cut out, such as Meat from flies or Body armor that you craft from ants – but everything in its time.

2. Collect and analyze

As with almost every survival game, the starting point is: Collect! Until the first night falls as many resources as possible pick up, which you then in the Analysis station can analyze. By the way, it should be close to your spawn point, so keep an eye out for it. Across the analysis you unlock new recipesthat you need to craft.

Important: The station's analyzer can be precise analyze three different things one after the other and evaluate – then it takes a short break before it works again. We recommend you first of all Pebblet, Plant fiber and Sap to put in the machine: You will need any recipes in the beginning.

3. Hunger and thirst will not kill you

Survival also means Hunger-thirst managementthat has to be learned especially at the beginning. Generally there is of course one Bonfirethat you can craft, just like you Meat from dead insects collects. Instead of concentrating on it at the very beginning, you should know that you neither kill hunger nor thirst : Your life will go down to a minimum, but that's about it.

in the emergency So it’s better to go hungry than to put poisonous food in you or to attack overly powerful opponents: they can kill you more than your stomach growl.

4. What you should eat and drink in the beginning

As discussed in the next point, you should get yours right after the game starts build first base: There is not much time left to hunt, and you will not become too good yet armor – none at all. In addition to grilled insect meat and (poisonous) puddles, there are other food and water sources that you should look out for:

  • Mushrooms
    • All mushrooms in Grounded can be eaten with a clear conscience
    • Multiplayer: If you play with friends, always pay attention to the group and those who are the hungriest right now
  • Drops of dew
    • Look up: While puddle water makes you sick, you can safely drink those drops of dew on the tips of grass
      • You can sometimes find them on the floor
    • Hit or throw the plant along whatever you have right now, so that the drop of dew drops down
    • Tip: Wait until you're really thirsty! Dew drops are quite rare
  • Drops of juice
    • You can find them on the floor and in empty juice packets
    • You can recognize them by the darker color
    • Mhmm, juice!
  • Soda drops
    • Look out for beverage cans
    • You can also recognize the soda drops by the darker color

Later you will be able to build objects with which you can Collect water directly into your base. However: it will not rain, so you still have to find water. You can also roast meat over a campfire, which simplifies matters. You can tell whether something is cooked by the fact that the spit on the fire stops rotating.

Meat tip: Don't fry too much at once! It can rot.

5. Build your base quickly and in the right place

You start in the day, but it won't always be day. And what have we learned at Minecraft (or in almost every other survival game)? The night is bad. So look for one right at the beginning Location for your base, of the for sure is and with near resources comes up. What you should consider:

  • Far from the accumulation of ants and spider caves
  • Near an analysis station
  • Builds in height
    • Bases on hills are generally more protected
  • Are there enough resources nearby?
  • Important objects in your base
    • Bonfire
    • Sleep and spawn place
    • Dew drop collector
    • Protective wooden walls that surround your base
    • Fall in front of the wooden walls

6. Spiders are not your friends

So far the most difficult opponents in Grounded have been be crazy. They will attack you when they see you – and they are strong. Without corresponding armor and weapons you shouldn’t visit spider caves or move spiders around. If it gets hot, you have to block (timing!), run away or possibly save you on a hill.

Tip on the side: You will always determine whether a creature will attack you red eyes detect.

7. Marks important places for orientation

The meadow in your garden is cute and beautiful, but the meadow in Grounded is huge, evil, and resembles a labyrinth. That's why you should be mark important points, and that works best with different colored markers, which you crafted. Have you ever played The Forest? Yep, you can build exactly such markers in Grounded. Tip: Always have markers with you when you go exploring – and don't forget to provide your base with one!

8. Ants are little thieving bastards

Not all ants will attack you at the start of the game: avoid them and don't attack them when there are other species nearby. The multi-legged beasts are namely especially dangerous due to their number. On top of that, she also got hers thieving instinct are inferior – let her Items lying on the floor or doesn't protect your base enough Wooden walls, so the ants will rob you. So be careful.

By the way: kill your ants near your base, some more ants will come and revenge.

9. When blocking, timing counts

Of course you can in Grounded block. That will be especially with be crazy important, the attacks of which you shouldn't expose yourself too often. Remember: you blocks relatively slowly and therefore should right timing to block to practice.

10. Find your items after death (but ants are still thieving bastards)

Dead, end, out? Not quite, because lost items stay simple after your death lying on the floor. you will be neither after a certain time disappear after another death. You can find them in those Backpacksthat are the only remnant of your body where you died. But beware! Ants will steal your body if they can. Because they are extremely mean thieves.

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Obsidian Entertainments Grounded has been available on Steam since July 28, but so far only in Early Access. The lively, evil survival adventure is designed for up to four players in co-op mode, but can also be conquered solo. You can currently buy it for 29.99 euros in the Steam Shop.