100 percent XP buff now available in BfA, Legion and Starter Edition

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Update: In keeping with the buff, Blizzard has published the guide "Back to Azeroth: Catch up to level 120". You can find out everything else in the news. Original message: The WoW developers have decided to activate the "Wind of Wisdom" buff in World of Warcraft, which gives your characters a buff on the experience points in the content of Legion and Battle for Azeroth as well as all players in the Starter Edition : a whopping 100 percent! The buff will be active until April 20, 2020.

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Update March 21:
For those who want to return to their character at level 120 after a long break and catch up on the latest content, Blizzard has the 100% experience buff published a guide, which you can find here on the official website. There are, among other things, useful tips for unlocking the essences, for the legendary cloak, for corrupt equipment and more.

Original message:
Twink time in World of Warcraft! The WoW makers have announced that the buff "Wind of Wisdom" is now active for all characters in Battle for Azeroth, in Legion and in the Starter Edition of WoW. This grants your heroes 100 percent bonus XP! The effect can of course be combined with your favorite heirlooms – rarely has it been so easy in WoW to shoot through the current content to the endgame with a few twinks. So if you've ever flirted with performing a different character in the Ny'alotha raid, it's a little easier now.

The makers of World of Warcraft (buy now for € 30.64) chose the buff because more and more of their loyal players have to spend time at home; either because they quarantined themselves because of the prevailing corona crisis or because they are affected by an exit ban. The "Wind of Wisdom" buff will remain active until April 20, 2020. Here you read them Message from the developers at Blizzard Entertainment.

"If you stay at home and travel to Azeroth from there, or level up with a new character (or two), you will receive a special bonus to help you with your adventures. By April 20, 2020, all players in Battle for Azeroth will receive the Wind of Wisdom buff that increases your experience by 100%! (Also applies to players of the Starter Edition and Legion.) Players can also use this experience bonus in combination with their favorite heirlooms. With the wind behind you, you will soon be ready to face the Old God N'Zoth and his servants in Ny'alotha, the Awakened City."

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