Gaming is a wonderful way to dive into previously unknown or unreachable worlds. Some real life aspects would be just annoying.

Corona in GTA 5, riding in Red Dead Online and VR on the toilet

Welcome to a GIGA-GAMES thought experiment! Today we imagine what the gaming world would look like with more realism. Not physically correct collapsing buildings or breathtaking graphics are meant. This is about Urinary urgency, food allergies, and leg cramps.

And hand on heart – the aspects presented in this series of pictures may sound funny, but in the long run would just piss us off and spoil the fun of the game. More precisely, they would rob you of your last nerve and you so much for the biscuit go that it is just a trampled pile of crumbs in the end.

GTA-5 character with corona mask

Let’s say it as it is. A worldwide pandemic with Lockdown, curfews, minimum distance and mask requirement is not fun. Fortunately, in a video game, we still have the choice of simply deciding against the virus. In real life, meanwhile, hold on, wash your hands, wear a mask, keep your distance and – hopefully – vaccinate soon!

VR on the toilet

If this sentence rings out from the back seat of the car, all parents are on the alert. Now imagine if your avatar in any game regularly feels the same way. If you have to look for a toilet in the middle of a fight so as not to get wet, you don’t look particularly boss-moderately.

Imagine Kratos, the one Dig a short hole before every fight have to go … well … you know.

Deadpool in the loo

Food allergies, food poisoning, upset stomach or just plain Diarrhea. These niggles make the toilet problem even more urgent. But honestly – in GTA and Co., the brake lines on the road are enough for us.

GTA 5 stars with tanks

Speaking of GTA, people regularly make fun of the cops in Rockstars all-time favorites. Now imagine, however, the police would really crack down once! Suddenly you would have to behave on the street, planes are no longer allowed to land in pools and should refrain from money laundering.

You would also have to answer to a judge for every bump you made in traffic. Especially those Real-time jail sentences would just kill the fun.

GTA 4 bowling with friends

At this point we leave ours Editor Daniel to speak. He hates one feature in particular:

If developers try to simulate “real life” and think that if your girlfriend calls you every day and you have to bowl with her so that her “happy bar” does not decrease and you cannot continue the main story during this time, the game would be fun to produce.

We already knew and hated this “great” feature in GTA 4. And no, we don’t need that again!

Cyberpunk 2077 sleep in bed

Tiredness can be really annoying when gaming. It would be even more annoying if you also had to take the biorhythm of your avatar into account. Editor Martin imagine it like this:

“Would you like to do something important? Sorry, but it’s after noon. Off to bed with you. And then slept through the main quest the next day. “

Sims 4 police

Rule number one when driving a car in video games: There are no valid road traffic regulations! And that’s just as well. Imagine for a moment that you have to stick to red lights, speed limits or a seat belt requirement. Oh yes – is your virtual vehicle actually tested by the TÜV? And what about your liability insurance?

Well, for today you get away with a warning! But God have mercy on you Public order office caught red-handed!

Bureaucracy, woman with stamp on her face

Speaking of liability – is your identity card still up to date? Do you have one for your shelter? Building permit? Especially in city planning simulations such as Cities: Skylines, the virtual madness of authorities becomes an absolute torture for every gamer.

If you had to get a permit for every street, there probably wouldn’t be a compilation of the biggest cities on YouTube – after all, the game didn’t launch until 2015. The tender for the first residential area is still ongoing.

Have we actually already mentioned owner associations, cleaning plans for stairwells and drilling times?

FIFA 20 game scene

Have you ever been upset about your character moving too slowly across the screen? Limiting endurance is now the norm. But what if there were only games with realistic physical strength would give? You couldn’t carry 20 weapons around with you anymore and you would always run the risk of a leg cramp paralyzing you.

Healing in Far Cry 3

Now we come to the topic Injuries. Hardly any other item is as effective as a healing item from a video game. Regardless of whether you have been riddled with thirty bullets, several limbs have been severed or you just have a grain of sand in your eye – the MediKit is there and saves the day!

In the real world, you may twist and turn over for now two weeks with torn ligaments on the couch allowed to spend. Imagine that in a video game – would you then play a game in the game to playfully distract your player character from their pain so that they can easily recover?

Ausritt in Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s a fine day on the Red Dead Redemption prairie. You guys just got a new suit and hat bought and enters the saloon. Another player comes along and hits you full pound on your mouth. The haircut? Sits. As you get on your horse and ride out of town, you are shot off by a bandit with a shotgun.

The coat? It is a little bled, but that will be reflected in the next rain shower. Then you trip over a stone, fly off your horse and slide one meter-long scree slope down. When you get up downstairs and want to knock the dirt off your clothes, your horse hits the ground and buries you.

At the end of the day you see nevertheless slick and groomed out. Your pocket watch has no scratches, your hat is not dented and there is not a single hole in your coat. Not a single thread sticks out and every button is where it should be. Good thing – nobody would like to have to mend their clothes by the campfire in the evening!

Corona in GTA 5, riding in Red Dead Online and VR on the toilet

We could list so many more things. Smells for example, would turn some evenings into really gross gaming experiences. But at some point there has to be an end.

Video games are popular for a reason virtual playground, on which everyone can let off steam as they want. Most of the features mentioned would only represent unnecessary limitations. Used as a stylistic device, they can be really cool and varied. But still we are glad that we have been spared these things so far.