11 tips that we would have liked to know before the game started

Nioh 2 is as rock-hard as the first part and newcomers in particular will have a hard time nibbling on the action role-playing game. Now that we have spent over 80 hours in the world of yokai and samurai, we want to give you 11 useful tips that would have helped us before the game started.

Getting started may be tough, but it's worth it, as you can read in our Nioh 2 review. Similar to Souls games, you have to adjust optimally to every opponent and especially the bosses. But there are also offsides lots of tips on the way to becoming the perfect warrior to consider.

1. You can change your appearance at any time

Unlike in the first part, you are no longer traveling with William, but are allowed to Create your own hero in the extensive character editor. If you are like us, you will probably spend a lot of time here.

But don't worry: even if you are not completely satisfied with the appearance of your character at the beginning, you can correct this at any time during the course of the game and change your appearance. Simply go to the starting point on the overview map and choose Hut → Change Appearance → Character Creation on.

Switch off headgear: If you have spent a lot of time in character creation, you also want to admire your character. In the options you have the option to have the headgear hidden. So you still benefit from the helmets' bonuses, but they don't show up. You take this attitude System → Basic Game Settings → Show Headgear (Off / On) in front.

2. The choice of weapons at the beginning is not important, but the choice of a protective spirit is

At the beginning of the game you end up in the interim, a kind of hub area. Here you can choose your first two weapons and choose a protective spirit from three available. The weapons are the Hatchets and the Glefe new in Nioh 2. With each weapon you can also see the attribute value, which is favored in combination with the weapon. If you spend your points on level increases for example in endurance, you will do more damage with an ax.

In general, the choice of weapons does not matter at the beginning, because you can generally use all of them anyway and already in the first missions you will be filled with many copies of the nine weapon types and can try them out.

The choice of the protective spirit is more important. Because depending on which two guardian spirits you don't choose, you can only catch up on them later in the middle of the game via side missions. Each guardian spirit also stands for one of the three new Yokai forms, into which you can transform yourself as soon as your Amrita ad is full.

  • Makami blank: Slow, but deals a lot of damage in close combat and is immune to breakthrough.
  • Ame-no-Mitori: – Wildling: Very agile and at the same time can dodge and carry out weak attacks.
  • Kagewani – Phantom: Master a ranged attack that can teleport you. In addition, you cannot be shaken as a phantom.

In addition to the Yokai forms, the passive bonuses of every protective spirit are also important and should match your playing style. Our tip: Choose Makami at the beginning, as the blank is easy to play and, above all, counterbalances are easy to perform with it. You can see the exact bonuses of each guardian spirit again in the following picture gallery:

3. Internalizes counterattack and AI impulse

Two essential mechanicsthat will save you a lot of frustration in the long run if you master them are Force counterattack and the AI impulse.

  • Counterattack: As soon as an opponent takes a loaded attack (is indicated by a red aura) R2 + circleto interrupt them, causing high AI damage to enemies. In boss fights in particular, the counterattack is essential and you have to master it in order to be successful in the long term.
  • AI impulse: If after an attack or combo you R1 button presses, when the blue lights gather around you, you regenerate a portion of your AI immediately. The more perfect the timing, the more. Make it a habit to use the AI ​​impulse after every action, because this way you can attack again faster and the AI ​​impulse also cleans areas contaminated by the Yokai Empire.

Take your time and at the beginning of the game practice these mechanics on the training area in the dojountil you have completely internalized it. This will save you a few unnecessary deaths later in the game.

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4. What is the best weapon? For us it is the spear

Even in the first Nioh, the spear was our preferred choice in combat. Why? Due to the long range, you can always keep dangerous enemies at a distance and especially the strong attack with stab damage causes high AI damage to the enemy.

It is no different in Nioh 2 and we can only warmly recommend the spear to you. Combine it best with appropriate talismans for elemental damage depending on the enemy to maximize the damage.

Only in the fight against several enemies is the spear not always the best choice, because here you often expose your flank to other opponents during an attack. Instead, give way to one Second weapon like the Odachi with which you can make large, far-reaching turns.

5. Rarities are sorted differently in Nioh games

If you play a lot of role-playing games or MMOs, you are certainly familiar with the typical rarity categories in green (unusual), blue (rare), purple (very rare) etc. In Nioh 2, however, this arrangement is sorted somewhat differently:

  • White (common)
  • Yellow (unusual)
  • Turquoise (rare)
  • Purple (unique)

In the endgame after the story there are other rarities like green and orange. Under System → Menu settings can you do that Arrange colors and rarities differently if you prefer.

6. This is how you understand the confusing equipment values

Nioh 2 is a festival for number jugglers and lovers of statistics, because all weapons, armor, accessories, protective spirits and soul cores have different values ​​and passive properties that give you bonuses. But do you know, for example, the exact difference between defense and toughness or what "damage from shuffling" means?

Therefore, press the option button in the corresponding displays to let you see explanations of terms for the individual values. In the long run, it helps you to understand what individual bonuses mean for you, so use this function.

7. Uses the item "Righteous Jasper"

Are you in possession of the consumable item "Righteous Jasper", you can use this to to place a blue blessing grave on the ground. With this, other players can summon you to help as NPC images in their game world. This in turn gives you rewards in the form of Ochoko cups (Needed to summon helpers and returnees), Fame (Exchange currency for reward items in the hidden tea house) and further copies of the jasper items.

In any case, place the blessings as early as possible. It is best to do this in main missions at the beginning or shortly before the boss of the corresponding level. You can lay out three blessings at the same time. If you want to place a fourth, you have to choose which one should be replaced. You can also buy righteous jasper from the armorer for 700 gold.

8. Use convenience functions when selling and dismantling

You can sell redundant weapons and equipment for gold or dismantle them for materials. Your inventory will burst at the seams very quickly because there is an incredible amount of loot in the game. So that you can sell or disassemble items faster, you should use the sub-function at the armorer.

For example, if you want to quickly get rid of all weapons that are not rare or unique, press the touchpad button on your controller and set "Unusual or lower" to "Check all". This selects all these items and you can dismantle them in one fell swoop with the X key. It works the same way when selling items. But don't forget that you can also send items to your camp in the hut. You have plenty of space here if your 500 inventory spaces are already filled.

9. Enemy feeling for equipment is a must!

Especially on accessory items, you will often find properties that strengthen your sense of certain things in the game world. This means that things like enemies, treasures, Amrita or Kodamas are shown as colored dots on the mini map in the top right.

You should definitely keep and equip items with the property enemy sensitivity here. In this way, you can detect ambushes in the levels early on, for example when enemies stick to the ceiling or lurk behind corners. Thanks to enemy sensitivity, you can already see the red dots of the enemies on the minimap and can react beforehand, which saves you one or the other annoying death.

Feeling for treasures (blue dots) and Kodamas (green dots) are also very useful. This way you won't miss a loot and you can find the Kodamas more easily and show them the way back. Every fifth Kodama found gives you another charge of elixirs, which is regenerated at the Kodama shrine.

10. Join a clan as early as possible

In the course of the game, you will unlock the clan feature after about a third of the season, which was already in the first part. Here you can compete with other players for the supremacy of Japan, which is fought out every real-time week.

By fighting against returnees (red graves) you collect fame for your clan and earn yourself fame points. All the more so if your site has gained the upper hand after a week.

Most important, however, are the bonuses that you receive when you join a clan. Each clan gives you different passive bonuses that are always active. For example, we chose the Toyotomi clan decided and thus generally get 10% more Amrita and any Amrita found regenerates health. These are pretty powerful features, which is why you should join a clan directly once you have unlocked the feature.

Other clans that we can recommend are: Tokugawa (lets you survive a fatal attack and increases the effectiveness of critical elixirs) and Kitabatake (increased attack and defense with swords and reduced AI consumption).

11. How to properly tackle tainted areas

Again and again you will discover dirty areas in levels that belong to the dark Yokai realm. Here your AI regeneration is severely impaired and the soundscape also becomes dull. To clean such an area, the AI ​​impulse is not enough, but you always have to kill a certain yokai in this area so that the pollution is removed.

In such areas you should be more careful than usual and first analyze the situation. For example, lures individual enemies out of the polluted areas so that they can be defeated more easily. However, you shouldn't lure them out too far, otherwise they will spawn. You should never take the most obvious route into the area, but look for shortcuts or side roads. These often lead you to better points of attack.

The boss of such an area is usually a strong yokai. If you can isolate it, you should defeat it first, because it will clean the area directly and all other yokai in the area lose all of their AIwhich makes it easier to defeat them.

Do you have any other tips for Nioh 2 ready? Then share it with us in the comments!