This series of pictures goes haywire. We introduce you to eleven crazy crossovers that make you want more.

GTA 5, Mordhau and Wolfenstein: The New Order

Crossovers are a great thing. Especially in Smash Bros. it’s always great when the most popular characters from different franchises give each other a huge buck. But completely different games also have the potential to form a great crossover. You just have to the right partner Find …

Age of Empires 4 und Wolfenstein: The New Order

With Age of Empires 4 the popular strategy series returns to the Middle Ages. Imagine, however, if someone would mix the gameplay mechanics of Age of Empires with the gritty setting of Wolfenstein combine.

The crazy technologies that the regime of the science sect Da’at Yichud stole would be a guarantee for varied skirmishes, bombastic battles and fat action – paired with one or the other cool slogan, of course. Finally allowed B.J. Blazkowicz as a special unit by no means missing.

Bioshock 2 und Amnesia Rebirth

Take the oppressive atmosphere of the dilapidated Rapture Bioshock, pair them up with a pair of big daddies and season them with a pinch Amnesia-Horror. Oh yes – you will look in vain for overpowering plasmids in this imaginary crossover. Instead of wild shooting, all you can do now is to flee.

GWENT und Horizon Zero Dawn

In fact, you could turn almost any game into a trading card game. The Robo-Dinos out Horizon Zero Dawn would probably be a lot of fans of Magic: The Gathering or Gwent from behind the stove.

Borderlands 2 and Mario Kart Home Circuit

Imagine an arcade racer in the style of Mario Kart in terms of drawing style and humor Borderlands remind. That would be a game some Mad Max fans would feel comfortable in. If you combine the whole thing with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, you can even comfortably burn up your carpet and blow up your coffee table.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Mordhau

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a really good game in and of itself. Do you flavor the medieval RPG with the combat system of Mordhau and a perma death feature, significantly more dynamics come into play!

GTA 5 and Tony Hawk's Pro Sakter 1 + 2

Robberies costing millions, huge garages with the most expensive sports cars and here and there one or the other super weapon – life as a serious criminal in GTA can be quite exhausting. One would wish for a life back as a petty criminal, in which one could still hang out with one’s gang. Best in the skate park.

Actually we just want how Tony Hawk and Co. cruise through Los Santos on a board and maybe spray some graffiti …

Hitman 2 und Far Cry 3

Hitman and Far Cry have one thing in common: If you act in secret, there is a significantly lower risk that you will catch a bullet. While you eliminate cults, clans and dictators in Far Cry, you tend to take care of individual goals in Hitman.

If you combine these two ideas, a game is created in which you as an undercover agent behind enemy lines have to smash an entire organization from within. That definitely sounds like a game we want to play – preferably with a pinch of RPG!

Spore and Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is cool. Imagine, however, that you could tinker your opponents together with a genetic construction kit yourself – and then dismantle them again with all imaginable weapons! The creature design from the good old serves as a model here Spore.

War Thunder and Forza Horizon 4

How cool would be an airplane racing game with the huge fleet of vehicles War Thunder and the fast action Power or Need for Speed? Very cool!

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag und Sea of Thieves

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag brought a new gaming experience to the successful series with its Caribbean flair. The numerous naval battles would be much cooler if they were similar to Sea of Thieves needs a separate team member for each task. That sounds like awesome multiplayer action with a captivating story!


We have come up with so many stupid games that we can introduce you to an existing project. The game Rustler is Grand Theft Auto in the Middle Ages, which as a child was full face first on a shelf Magicka-Copy has stumbled. This approach is so wonderfully stupid that you should definitely try it out.