Bang! And then the year 2020 is already over, at least almost – depending on when you read this article. Well, what kind of parting words do we think of: Cyberpunk 2077, where are you? Skyrim reinstalled for the hundredth time (and rightly so)! # WhereIsMyPS5? Honestly, 2020 didn't end well, but there is some consolation for the next year. Promised.

It will be best if we just leave 2020 behind and move on to other things. For example, the game year 2021, which has quite a few smaller and larger releases in store for us. Err, hopefully! If they are not moved. But as we all learned at Cyberpunk 2077: anticipation is better joy, and flirting a little with the upcoming games is fun again every Christmas.

Resident Evil Village or Resident Evi 8 is half in the starting blocks, for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. The upcoming Resident Evil part follows a few years after Resident Evil 7 and accompanies Ethan and Mia to their new home. Instead of tranquility, another tragedy awaits them in this remote village – how could it be otherwise! Werewolves, shadowy ghost women who chase you and so much more should await you in the horror game. If it is only as good as RE7, then we can for real shudder happy.

Are you ready to welcome Aloy back to your team of game characters? The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn sends you to California, Utah and Nevada, where the fighter has to find the source of a mysterious, deadly disease. Horizon Forbidden West links directly to the events of the first part, but should become even more diverse in terms of landscape: you should be able to scour tropical underwater worlds, deserts and forests. When Forbidden West will appear for PS4 and PS5 in 2021 is not yet known.

In shooter rogue-like Deathloop For PS5 and PC it is up to you to save a world that is trapped in an eternal time warp: You play Colt, who has to shoot his way through the backreef and kill eight targets before the day is reset. The clue: Assassin Julianna is meanwhile very keen to keep the loop going and kill Colt before he can complete his mission. Julianna as well as Colt can be played by you, in the 2-player online mode.

99 percent of all people in Tokyo suddenly disappeared. What's left? A city full of ghosts and you, where you can slip into the formidable role of a ghost hunter: Explore the secret of Tokyo and enjoy the fantastic graphics that at least made you want more in the trailer:

Ghostwire Tokyo should appear in 2021 for PS5 and PC.

If you move in the musty ranks of the horror community, you should actually have to go by Scorn have heard: The bizarre horror game has been under development by the small studio Ebb Software for years, I was able to allude to it in 2017 and wrote down my skinless experience here with blood for you.

What's the matter? You are thrown into an obscure, carnal alien world, whose caves and passages breathe as vividly as the meat-beating monsters in them. Who you are playing is also uncertain: It has no name, but what is much more interesting is that it has no skin and sometimes grows together with the bone weapons it uses. Whatever you are in Scorn, and why you are, you may finally find out in 2021.

Scheduled between April and September 2021 Far Cry 6 sail onto the platforms including PC, Google Stadia and all other possible consoles, last- and next-gen. No switch, however.

Far Cry 6 takes you to the fictional, Cuban-inspired island of Yara, where the dictator El Presidente Antón Costillo rules. In the game's first trailer, Costillo prepares his kid to soon follow in his footsteps. You, however, take on the role of a resident of Yara – Dani Rojas, whose gender you can choose before the game starts. As in every Far Cry part, you will fight for the liberation of the island from the dictatorship.

Well, when are you coming Vampires: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2? After several postponements, the uncertain release of the vampire game is now set for 2021, for PC as well as load and next-gen consoles. In the game you explore Seattle as a freshly bitten vampire, where you first have to deal with yourself and then with the countless vampire clans in the city. Bloodlines 2 is a sequel to the cult classic Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Hogwarts Legacy could will be exactly what Harry Potter fans slash players have always wanted: A role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe, in which you not only create your own character, but also visit Hogwarts. It's not Harry Potter's Hogwarts – you won't find the Boy Who Lives there – but a much younger version in the 19th century.

You should experience your very own adventure at Hogwarts, because in the open world role-playing game you are not just someone – but someone who hides the key to ancient magic. But how do you use them? That should be entirely up to you.

Oh boy, Ragnarok is threatening God of War, and if you see it like us, then you can hardly wait: The fall of the gods, which Ragnarök means in mythology, was teased in the last tiny video for the next God of War part. Whether this part is also called Ragnarok is still uncertain. What we know: Kratos and Atreus should appear again in the game, and it should not have been the last part of the series.

Commander Shepard, come? Are you really back ?! And how it is, and not only for Mass Effect nostalgics, but also for those players who missed the Mass Effect trilogy at the time: The Legendary Edition is supposed to be a remake of the first three parts, which are already over ten years ago. Mass Effect 5 has also been announced, but this new part may not enter our orbit in 2021.

The society in Dying Light 2 was thrown back into a modern Middle Ages after the virus outbreak and defeat by the zombies; there is only one last bastion of human beings left to be saved. From you guys, surprise! In addition to zombie brutality and an appealing open world, Dying Light 2 promises as one of the few games that you can play through the story with a team of up to 4 players in online mode.

Hitman 3 should be released on January 31, 2021, for last-gen, next-gen, switch and PC. In the tricky assassin game you will also sneak through a number of puzzle levels in the third part, in which you can kill your target person in the most creative ways.

In addition to the games presented here, 2021 will certainly hide other surprises, and there are a whole lot of upcoming games that have not yet been missed a release date. Which doesn't mean that they Not Appear in 2021. Starfield? Well, maybe a grip too far, but Dragon Age 4 could hurry up if you ask me. Only please without multiplayer focus.