Thanos, Gollum, Lara Croft and many other of your favorite characters would look different in real life than you think. We’ll show you.

Have you always wondered what your favorite characters from games and films are? in the reality would look like? The KI StyleCLIP enables you to humanize images of fictional characters.

We have compiled a few of the most interesting creations with the software for you here in our photo series.

The AI ​​Gollum conjured up new pearly whites! In general, the figure on the right already sees a lot more human off – not very trustworthy, but at least more human.

Almost everything has stayed the same with Kratos. Literally meant: It’s Kratos, just older. There are also a few for him Hair grown back, his scars have healed and he seems to have given up fighting. In any case, his knitted sweater and the few extra pounds suit him. Nice for him! But where did his tattoo go?

Protagonist Moana sees something in real life more concerned out than on the big screen. Real life is just not a Disney movie!


“Handsome Squidward” (in German: “Schöner Thaddäus”) is popular with its exaggerated “pretty” face Internet-Meme become. As the AI ​​shows, the octopus is not exactly a decal of a Greek sculpture – at least not as a human.

Sephiroth may lose some of his more feminine features in our world, but he does no termination. The antagonist looks like a born actor for villain roles.

“South Park” characters are in an extremely simple cartoon style. That’s why it’s all the more astonishing that the AI ​​actually does a realistic face out of the “World of Warcraft” guy who became a fan favorite with the episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft”.

Even if you Angelina Jolie preferred as old school Lara: It doesn’t look too bad! OK, it’s a bit scary.

Geralt is also perfect in the “The Witcher” Netflix series Henry Cavill embodied. If the AI ​​had its way, however, the witcher should look a lot older.

From the mighty Titan who wants to rule entire galaxies, to any one Middle-aged guys, who is currently looking for the right attachment for his cordless screwdriver in the hardware store.

This is just plain wrong … on so many levels.

Trevor’s face is full of chaos and years Wrong decisions away. In its AI variant, everything is concealed, which does not necessarily make it look friendlier.

In the human woody you guaranteed no friend. This face has seen bad things – and no big grin can hide the fact that this cowboy is ready for anything to keep the secret of living toys.

Thanos becomes a suburban slipper hero and Geralt has aged almost 20 years. So, too, are your favorite characters from movies and video games no perfect people when it comes to the KI StyleCLIP. Which of the characters would you avoid if they were real?

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