Sunday, June 20, 2021

12 Rare PS3 Games That Are Damn expensive

The era of the PS3 is long gone. Still, some console games are real collectors' treasures. Even today, very rare copies are traded for a hell of a lot of money. We'll tell you now which games are exactly and why that is.

PlayStation 3

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Most valuable PS3 games

Retro games and consoles are now often very valuable. The reason for this is obvious: They are no longer produced and are therefore no longer so easy to get. The PlayStation 3 from Sony may not be very old, but with a few years under its belt, its value also increases.

So of course their associated games. In addition, some appeared for the home console limited editionwhich, due to their rarity, are difficult to get hold of today. It is precisely these collector's editions that are of great value to some players. In the following picture series you can see all of them 12 PS3 gameswho are still changing hands for huge sums today:

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The prices of these 12 PS3 games are insane

Favorite games with special Additional goodies and also originally packaged goods are the coveted representatives on Ebay. Should you have such a treasure at home yourself, cherish it. Or even sell it for a small fortune. Did any of the listed games surprise you? And what are the most valuable games in your collection?

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