13 PlayStation 5 owners who found a white console way too boring

The PlayStation 5 is available worldwide, but so far only in white. While some find the design very appropriate, others are too boring. So they changed the look of their console to suit their taste.

The PlayStation 5 clearly stands out from the previous consoles of the PlayStation family. The shape is futuristic, and Sony has also opted for a mix of white, black and blue for the basic model, although this does not suit some.

Instead of using official faceplates, which Sony has not yet offered, some players designed their console with foils, lacquer or other colors without further ado.

We show you 13 "PlayStation 5" owners for whom the white console was simply too simple.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales was one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5. This console owner obviously took inspiration from it.

Quite simple, but still effective. The NASA logo looks great on the PlayStation 5.

This owner took inspiration from classic games and used a few stickers.

It's cute!

Spider-Man seems to be a popular design among owners in general.

It doesn't always have to be color. Sometimes a little detail is enough.

This Reddit user gave his console a raptor look.

This owner has come up with an interesting combination.

Instead of playing, this owner took care of the design after the arrival of their PlayStation 5.

The owner sat on this design for a while – it was definitely worth it.

This designer obviously took inspiration from top games and brought in God of War, Days Gone, The Last of Us and Spider-Man.

Incidentally, the first three games are part of the PlayStation Collection that you as "PS Plus" members is available virtually free of charge.

Colorful, more colorful, the most colorful!

Who would have thought that this brush-spraying technique that you learned in elementary school would end up being good.

The "PlayStation 5" owners have come up with quite a lot. Which design do you like best? Have you also embellished your console?