Monday, June 14, 2021

13 tricks that developers have secretly built into games

Image source: Getty Images / Deagreez.

Time and again, developers keep certain tricks and mechanics secret in their games in order to evoke certain actions or feelings in players. We'll tell you now which games you were duped in and why.

Video game culture

Game tricks: time for a confession

A long time ago, developers were supposed to post on Twitter where they were sophisticated Mechanics that the player didn't know about. This can be a certain advantage so as not to bless the temporal or certain things disadvantageto keep the tension going.

Quite a few developers have turned to the confessional and should talk about the games in which they secretly built tricks. There was an abundance of this Confessions to light and you may see the following games with completely different eyes in the future:

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These 13 tricks have been hidden by developers in games

A few hidden tricks take care of after the reveal exciting insights. The question is whether these games would have been as successful if the tricks hadn't been used. Some games should have meant more Despair and frustration taken care of.

It's nice to see that the developers are always trying to elicit certain feelings and actions from players. For the increased fun and the surprise, we forgive them for hiding them from us so far.