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14 hours, 06 minutes and 27 seconds – this is exactly how long it took a WoW group a few days ago to master the Shadowlands Dungeon Peaks of Ascent on Keystone Level 17. Since one of the participants documented the entire run live via Twitch, the unwanted marathon attracted more and more attention.

14 hours, 06 minutes and 27 seconds. You can do a lot of things in this time window. Bringing the apartment, the car and the accumulated documents of the last few years up to scratch, for example. Play the first chapters of Cyberpunk 2077. Or relieve the watchlist on Netflix by half a dozen films. However, a group of WoW players had other plans. During this time she fought her way through the Shadowlands dungeon Peaks of Ascent – at Keystone Level 17.

In times when colorful groups break up quickly as soon as there is even a wipe, the tenacity of the five players is remarkable. Staying on the ball for over 14 hours and trying again and again – that puts even the hard wipe evenings at Vashj, Kael'thas, Lichkönig heroisch and Co. in the shade. The players died 915 times in total. And because one of the participants did the entire run live via Twitch documented, the unwanted marathon attracted more and more attention.

On Raider.io you can take a look at the information about the run. The low item level of the restoration shaman (item level 181) immediately catches the eye. A Schutz Krieger (195) acted as a tank. Rogue (203), Fury Warrior (212) and Hunter (204) caused damage. The You can watch the last seconds of the run here. What does it look like: Which wipe marathon do you have in your WoW (buy now € 14.99 )-History already successfully behind you? Let us know in the comments.

source: Wowhead

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