Like a child over coffee in a Lego store, we jumped through the video game world and collected all sorts of items that we FINALLY need in real life.

Often we stumble upon objects while gaming that we would like to just reach through the screen and plug in. But this is not about beautiful swords, gigantic weapons or fashionable coats – this is about stuff that would be really (more or less) practical! These 14 items would really make our everyday life easier and better.

You don't want to need it, but you want to have it – Medicits, healing potions or syringes. Most of the healing items in video games cure any ailment with ease. In games like Battlefield, even a BIG explosion is no problem for you, if you don't need anything more than a medic who puts a syringe in your back afterwards. Such a miracle cure would be worth a Nobel Prize …

Who has ever tried too fat a cat Stuffing it in a transport box for the next vet visit will probably know why Pokéballs could make everyday life easier for many pet owners. One throw, one hit and the small, hissing fur torpedo fits comfortably in your pocket. That doesn't sound very fond of animals. However, if you can believe the many fanarts, then are Pokéballs extremely comfortable and spacious furnished. Compared to the transport box, that would also be a significant improvement for your house tiger.

Once you don't pay attention, you've already started with a side mirror on a house wall, a post or a wall. What a lot of novice drivers like the greatest nightmare sounds, would never be a problem again with the almost magical repair tools from Battlefield, Far Cry and Co. The worst damage is fixed within a few seconds. Did a huge SUV crash into your trunk? No problem! Just scratch the bonnet a few times with the wrench and everything will be fine again. What works for a tank from WWI that weighs tons will also work for a rickety Fiat Punto.

Yes, iodine tablets are already available to protect health from exposure to radioactive radiation. And none of us want to get into the situation of ever needing them. However, it would be in the worst case a pack of RadAway from the Fallout universe the much better choice. Better to have than to have …

The Dubsteb Gun Thanks to DLC power, Saints Row 4 comes in both dubstep and flavor music styles Polka, swing, metal and classic. Actually designed as a weapon, it would be the ultimate conflict solver in everyday life. A more harmless variant of the weapon could make even the worst archer jump in a triangle – in a positive sense. Stress at the family celebration? Dubstep Gun. Quarrel with boyfriend or girlfriend? Dubstep Gun! The meeting with the boss escalates completely and he threatens to dismiss you? No problem, because you already guessed it … DUBSTEP GUN!

Dütdütdüt düdütdüt düdütdüt dütdütdüt düdütdüt düdütdüt … no eardrums stand a chance against the invincible melody of the Super Star from the Super Mario universe. This power-up would be THE hit for every adrenaline junkie! Skydiving without a parachute, sword fighting without armor or cycling without a helmet – none of that would be a problem anymore. In traffic would thanks to the colorful light effect even be easy to see. Even people with a fear of flying would finally be helped … what should happen after all? Especially the party planes to Mallorca would get a whole new flair with a few stars on board.

Bullet Bill – or as it is called in the German version: "Kugelwilli" – is one of the most powerful items in Mario Kart. You are at the end of the field and see no more chance of even beginning to catch up? Bullet Bill can help! How many traffic jams would no longer be a problem … Fire and rescue services in particular could benefit. A flawless emergency lane is unfortunately still not a matter of course with many traffic jams on motorways!

What else should we say about the Portal Gun? Open portals, browse, save time. It could be so easy …

Even if the grappling hook Just cause us probably tear off the arm it would be another extremely cool travel option. And let's be honest – it's always better than taking an elevator. The look of your loved one would certainly be divine if you suddenly appeared on the window sill on the 5th floor … “SCHAAAATZ! I'm home! … will you open the window, please? "

Yes, you heard right. GIVE US MORE PANTS! Which pants? Pants like Steve's from Minecraft. Who about 2,300 cubic meters of earth (without a belt!) can be carried in the pants, never needs a backpack again! And yes, we calculated this number completely independently in a highly scientific milkmaid calculation. The Minecraft inventory has 9 x 4 rows. A stack earth consists of 64 blocks. A block of earth has an edge length of one meter, so it is one cubic meter. BOOM! Minecraft math – Educational mission fulfilled.

Who does not know it? You have just made yourself comfortable on the couch and now you have to painfully discover that your chips, your after-work beer or the remote control 3 meters away and therefore UNREACHABLE lying on the coffee table. It would be nice to have a pair of Gravity Gloves from Half-Life: Alyx. Stretch out your hand and simply reach telekinetically for the object you want – no matter how far away it is. This would be nice! Stupid only when the gloves are also on the coffee table …

… then you have to have yours Physics Gun crawl out of the sofa. The advantage of this weapon: With it you can redecorate the entire living room directly from the couch – without any effort. By using it in Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod, the useful tool – just like the games – Cult status.

You have probably stumbled upon an object in your everyday life that put a big question mark on your forehead. "What the hell is that supposed to be?" – this question would no longer bother you with an omniscient scanner, as you know it from Mass Effect: Andromeda, for example. In games like this you have the opportunity to scan everything that jumps in front of your nose, falls or grows and has it explained in detail. Cereal? * beep * Now you know the sugar content, calorific value, vitamin content and temperature. Automobile? * beep * Now you know the brand, mileage and tire pressure. Oh! What's that over there? * beep *

And YES, our scanner sounds exactly like the goods scanner at the Aldi checkout!

The Plasmids from the Bioshock series would also be “nice to have”. Apart from the fact that all of a sudden unpredictable super people would throw lightning bolts and poisonous swarms of bees around them … you could in summer cool your Cola IN YOUR HAND! How cool would that be? And in winter there is mulled wine straight from the paw thanks to another red-hot plasmid. Wonderful!

What video game items would you like to have in real life? One Pip boy from Fallout? One infinite tank for your car like the one found in so many racing games? Write it to us on Facebook! Otherwise, you can take a look at our photo gallery of the funniest weapons in video game history.