It should be clear that Pokémon isn't just for kids. Nevertheless, the game also has a young target group. That doesn't stop the makers from hiding 15 lewd jokes in it.


Sex, penises and sloppiness: Pokémon can be different too

With its 18 offshoots, the Pokémon series contains many a secret or Easter egg. That including right lewd jokes hidden may not be that obvious. Especially when you think about that, too young players experience the adventures around the pocket monsters.

We have you in one Photo gallery 15 of these slippery jokes round up and show that Pokémon isn't always as innocent as it seems:

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These 15 lewd jokes have been hiding in Pokémon

Some of the statements shown are clearer than others, but by and large no one can say that these jokes were unintentional. The developers obviously know how to use humor. Perhaps you've discovered such lewd jokes yourself and noticed that Pokémon are not always completely suitable for children. At least with a twinkle in the eye.

Mandy Strut
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