Scarlett, Anaconda and Lockheart – do you know the terms? It's no wonder, given that these code names fluttered around the internet for almost two years. This refers to the latest Xbox series that produced two next-gen consoles: the Xbox Series X and the smaller, both cheaper version, the Xbox Series S. The design? Well, it's special and stimulates creative minds to do a lot of memes. We summarize the best in a series of pictures for you.

As is well known, it cannot please everyone – so it is also in the case of the latest Xbox series, which has been both a source of discussion and has been a cause for discussion since its appearance since its unveiling funny memes has led.

Due to the holey structure, the Xbox Series X was first regularly compared to an ashtray or a grill – but this comparison dissolved as quickly as it came. After Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series S, however, a flood of memes started that we don't want to withhold from you.

Fancy a quick burger? You're guaranteed to be heard well at this drive-in.

Ooooooooh … who lives in an Xbox at the bottom of the sea? (A catchy tune? You're welcome!).

Yes, the memes started early. "Phil Phorbes at The Game Awards 2019" reads the description of the picture. Would have been fun!

So with this boom box you are king on campus.

As you can see, the Xbox Series S would have fitted into society decades ago.

Oh, this "Xbox Series S" hotplate would be ideal for traveling.

The Xbox range seems to make awesome household items like refrigerators and washing machines.

Here is another example of a refrigerator. But you have to admit that the Xbox Series X fits in surprisingly well. So I would buy the design.

Has Microsoft noticed this similarity to the speakers of the competition? Hmm …

Plankton is already making plans how to get the secret blueprint for the Xbox series.

Here someone is ready to fight back by any means.

Hey plankton! Better listen to some music and relax a little.

A new intercom? Well, quite big and expensive, but definitely an eye catcher.

Definitely something for the little hunger in between! Wendys from Canada sees a burger with 10 patties and lots of cheese in the shape of the Xbox. You definitely have to nibble on that for a while.

In the end, there is still something for the eye, because creative minds are already in the process of coming up with chic designs. This Minecraft Xbox Series X would be the ultimate eye-catcher, or what do you think?

Those were the funniest memes so far, but there will definitely be more to come over time.

The Xbox Series X appears by the way on November 10, 2020 and thus at the same time as its little sister, the Xbox Series S. These consoles are then available for 499 euros and 299 euros, respectively.

If you want to know more about the new Microsoft consoles, you can find all information about the release of the Xbox series in our overview.