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Tag 6: ToeJam & Earl

Anyone who grew up with video games will have already experienced them themselves, these games that you like but that you don’t really understand until a long time later. Silent Hill 2 is such a title for me. When I played Konami’s horror title on PS2, I was too young to understand the great, emotional story. On the Sega Mega Drive, on the other hand, I didn’t understand much of the humor in ToeJam & Earl, but still played it over and over. After years of incomprehension, I now use this format to play the strange title again.

16 Tage 16 Bit: Tag 6 - ToeJam & Earl (5)

16 Tage 16 Bit: Tag 6 – ToeJam & Earl (5)

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That I didn’t really understand what was going on back then doesn’t surprise me anymore, even with the intro, because the story is just wonderful nonsense. The two funky alien rappers ToeJam and Earl crash with their spaceship on earth and have to find the individual parts of their vehicle in order to be able to leave the planet again. The earth is divided into platforms and you can only reach the next floor by finding an elevator. However, you can also fall from the edge of a platform and then land back on the floor below.

That can happen pretty quickly, because there are nasty Earthlings everywhere who attack you in a certain way. Hula dancers make you dance, devils want to poke you with their trident, a flock of geese shoots at the aliens with a tomato thrower, giant hamsters roll around in a ball and mothers want to run over you with the shopping cart. So the three-legged ToeJam and the fat Earl experience exactly the same thing as I do when I go to the Fürth city park.

16 Tage 16 Bit: Tag 6 - ToeJam & Earl (10)

16 Tage 16 Bit: Tag 6 – ToeJam & Earl (10)

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However, a few people on Earth are well-disposed towards the aliens. The pimply pseudo-magician nerd heals the protagonists for cash and a guy in a carrot costume reveals the contents of the mysterious gifts that you collect along the way. Right, there are all kinds of presents to bag, but they don’t always contain a useful item and sometimes you are surprised by the content.

So you can get lucky and unpack new shoes with which you can run faster, or springs with which you can jump over abysses. Weapons such as tomatoes or a slingshot can also be hidden in the packages. But there are also gifts that make the character fall asleep, which is not particularly beneficial when surrounded by enemies, or rocket shoes that shoot you over the edge of the world. What great bullshit!

The floors in ToeJam & Earl are all randomly generated, so that no passage feels like the other, although you actually do nothing but walk around, avoid enemies and gradually reveal the map to get to a spaceship part or the elevator to the next floor Find.

You can do this alone or in two-player co-op mode. Due to the Corona, I play alone here and for reasons of identification I decided on Earl. Then as now, I think it’s just hilarious how the fat alien swings his hips with the hula dancer and says “Hubba-Bubba”.

16 Tage 16 Bit: Tag 6 - ToeJam & Earl (11)

16 Tage 16 Bit: Tag 6 – ToeJam & Earl (11)

Quelle: PC Games

In general: I’m not surprised that I didn’t quite understand a lot of the humor in the title as a child, but now I find the absurd nonsense in the game absolutely amusing. The gameplay is pleasantly relaxing and yet the cool funk soundtrack keeps you going.

I can understand if you find ToeJam & Earl boring, but personally I have taken the strange title to my heart again. After all, where else can I grow a thorn bush blocking the path of a bunch of nerds or a monster mailbox?

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