Tuesday, January 11, 2022

16 minutes of gameplay makes parkour professionals jealous

In Dying Light 2 you can save yourself dangerous footpaths with the paraglider.
In Dying Light 2 you can save yourself dangerous footpaths with the paraglider. (Image source: Techland)

Techland is unveiling new gameplay material a few months before Dying Light 2 is released. In the 16-minute video you get a deeper insight into the world of zombie parkour and follow a whole quest from start to finish.

Dying Light 2

16 minutes of story and gameplay

Techland celebrates its 30th anniversary and presents in a new episode Dying 2 Know a 16-minute clip with lots of gameplay from the Zombie sequel. In it you can see a quest from the game in which the protagonist Aiden has to find more clues about his missing sister. Aside from little story details, the video also reveals a few new locations and many of the gameplay mechanics aus Dying Light 2.

After a short story scene you see Aiden with a paraglider fly to the objective. The paraglider is an important tool to traverse the vast world of Dying Light 2. At certain points, Aiden can even be blown back up to fly further.

Run, jump, butcher

In the further course you will see the elements known from the predecessor: Aiden dodges filigree zombie hordes or stretches them out again with his machete. Or he gives them a clean kick on a ledge and makes them disappear into the depths.

In addition to zombies, Aiden also encounters people and only a few are well-disposed towards him. Sometimes you can choose between different answers, as is typical of role-playing games, and sometimes only a beating helps. The fights are impressive; you can even your Include the environment and let enemies burn at fireplaces. But look for yourself:

Dying Light 2 erreicht Goldstatus

Techland recently confirmed that Dying Light 2 has reached gold status. The zombie adventure will be released on February 4, 2022 for PC and console. There should be no more postponements. (Source: Twitter)

The first Dying Light is indicated in Germany and must not be advertised. A similar ban also applies to the new Platinum Edition of the game in the Nintendo eShop. It cannot be bought anywhere in Europe, England, Australia and New Zealand.