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After the short-term bans for agreements in PvP, a new wave of bans is rolling towards BC Classic players. Third-party software users like iMorph have been suspended for 180 days. Players who use ConsolePort for controller control are also affected.

BC Classic players who have recently used third party software such as iMorph, JMorph or ConsolePort have now been banned for 180 days. However, ConsolePort users have a good chance of revoking the ban retrospectively. Software like iMorph, Tmorph, JMorph etc. change the appearance of the character on your screen in all possible forms and with the desired equipment. These programs have always violated the WoW Terms of Use and can lead to a ban.

With ConsolePort the situation is not so clear. Although WoW now has its own controller connection and additional software is actually superfluous, some players still use software such as ConsolePort. This program is not prohibited per se, but can trigger similar parameters in Blizzards Warden as other cheat software. There may also be a connection to WoWmapperwhich some players choose for WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Use Classic. This add-on is no longer necessary since the controller integration was introduced, but it does not help when searching for unauthorized software.

The creator of ConsolePort suspects that the software was falsely read out as mutiboxing software:
“This ban wave might be related to the issue with gamepad input causing DC when you have a high enough game refresh rate, or it might have to do with falsely flagging for multiboxing and their new policy on it.

Either way, this project is backed and acknowledged by Blizzard due to its impact on accessibility to otherwise unable players. I’m sure once they realize their mistake, this will all be reverted.

I do want to mention I’m not just speculating here and will let you know once I get the word back from Blizzard on what happened here.”

ConsolePort users report that they have already been able to undo the ban. If you are affected as a user of this software, a ticket may be enough and your ban will be lifted. It is currently not known what chances users of iMorph have.

Those: wowhead.com

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