200 million units sold in 11 years

from Karsten Scholz
Minecraft, a remarkable video game, was released on May 17, 2009 and was to become one of the most successful and popular titles in history. Now, eleven years later, the developers at Mojang are delighted with the 200 million Minecraft units sold. Last year alone, 24 million sales were added.

Almost eleven years ago, on May 17, 2009, Minecraft, a remarkable video game, was released that, despite (or maybe because of ?!) its block-like appearance, was to become one of the most successful and popular titles in game history. A little more than three years ago Minecraft with 122 million units the best-selling game worldwide according to Tetris swing up.

Now, just in time for the 11th anniversary, those responsible at Mojang could look forward to more than 200 million units sold (via PC gamers). The number is all the more remarkable if you lump the age of the game and the continuing enthusiasm. In the last year alone, 24 million units are said to have passed the counter. Minecraft is said to have 126 million players (buy now for € 21.90) played on average per month.

And if you don't play Minecraft, you obviously have a Minecraft video running alongside: Last year was Minecraft the most viewed game on Youtube – with over 100 billion views by October 31 alone.

Minecraft, too, was completely in love for a few weeks a few years ago. How about you: Do you still play Minecraft from time to time? Have you ever had a phase in which the game was completely under your spell? Or could you never do anything with the hype? Let us know in the comments!

Incidentally, Mojang has an anniversary presented the new studio logo and made it clear that Minecraft should remain at the center of the Mojang ecosystem.

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