of Dominik Zwingmann
Pokémon GO has had the most successful year of the mobile title since its launch in 2016, with total sales of $ 894 million in 2019. This allowed the record to be expanded by over $ 60 million. Germany is among the top 3 largest markets for the game. Only the United States and Japan were stronger here.

The Niantic team can look forward to another successful year with Pokémon GO. AR-Mobile earned a total of $ 894 million in microtransactions in 2019. In no other year has Pokémon GO been able to make so much money. So the game hasn't lost any of its traction almost four years after the release. Previously, Niantic's sales record was in the 2016 launch year, which grossed over $ 832 million. After a slump in 2017 at $ 589 million, the title recovered in 2018 at $ 816 million.

This means that Pokémon GO has generated over $ 3.1 billion in history. Especially the launch of Team GO Rocket in July 2019 is said to have caused a decent increase, according to data from Sensor Tower. Pokémon GO has become a popular activity, especially in Germany. With a share of 6%, the country is the 3rd largest mobile game market. Only the United States (38%) and Japan (32%) had a higher participation last year.

The division between iOS and Android also emerges from the data for 2019. According to this, Android users spent a little more money with $ 482 million than iOS users ($ 412 million). On average, a player spends $ 5.70 on Pokémon GO. The Pokémon for the first Community Day of the year was also announced this week. Accordingly, coaches will increasingly meet Plinfa on January 19, 2020.

Source: Sensor tower

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