After almost 30 years, the inventor of the Civilization series explains what the legend of the deadly Gandhi is really all about.

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Is Gandhi Really a Warmonger?

Although Gandhi in the real world as peaceful pacifist is known, players in the Civilization franchise see him as a deadly threat. However, the famous Sid Meier himself now makes it clear that the gaming legend was invented by the fans.

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For years fans believed that Gandhi was in the first offshoot of the series brutal warmonger was. The reason is said to have been a bug that turned his aggressiveness level into a negative number, and thus the highest in the game. The “pacifist” no longer shrank from nuclear weapons either.

How Kotaku reports, the developer writes in his biography that this Bug should not really have existed. Instead, like any other ruler, Gandhi now and then also attacked nuclear weapons. At the time, it only seemed strange to the players because of their real personality.

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How did Gandhi get his reputation?

In fact, Gandhi regularly threatened players. In doing so, however, he wanted to prevent wars. The addition "Our words are supported by nuclear weapons", would have had a lasting impact on his image. In truth, however, it was used by every ruler.

Recently, due to his playing style, Gandhi often succeeded create nuclear weapons before other players. He then fired these at opponents who had just discovered gunpowder.

Be Reputation as a brutal warmonger in Civilization has persisted to this day. "Gandhi, who shoots nuclear missiles, is simply funny, no matter how often it actually happens," writes Meier. What do you think of this revelation? Please write us in the comments.