3 insider tips for this month that are worthwhile

Netflix knows that October will bring shivery weather again and therefore rewards us with cadavers, scary horror series and an insider tip from the director of Dr. Who and high rise. It's going to be a nice Halloween.

Netflix series & films: offers and costs of the streaming service

What will we see on Netflix in October? If we're lucky (fingers crossed!), The third season of Star Trek: Discovery back on Netflix broadcast, because the first episode will be released on October 15th in the USA. If we go to the other two seasons, the first translated episode should be on October, 16th on Netflix, but yes: Nothing has been confirmed yet. What is confirmed, however, are those three pearls that I would like to introduce to you now – close your eyes! I mean, of course, keep your eyes open. If you dare.

1. Carcass (2020)

Release on Netflix: October 22nd

In some circles it will cadaver already hyped like The shaft, you remember? That crazy cube-like movie where a table full of food flies down through a prison; Floor by floor, until the table is empty and the last prison cells below are no longer exposed. You may think what you want of the abstract social criticism, but you should still take a look at cadavers: The film actually has nothing to do with “Der Schacht”, apart from the food. And the bizarre events.

The first Norwegian Netflix production takes place after an atomic apocalypse. Starving people roam the broken city; Poverty, violence and crime everywhere. But there is a ray of hope, no matter how small: A hotel invites some people to a charitable event. There is fantastic food, a show, a room for the night – and one condition: Masks must be worn. Which is not so funny anymore as soon as the first guests disappear.

Norway's mystery horror thriller Kadaver appears exclusively on Netflix, take a look at the trailer:

2. Haunted Bly Manor (2020)

Release on Netflix: 9th October

The ghosts are back: After the successful horror series Haunted Hill House – which is still one of the best horror series ever, for me – we can look forward to a new ghost story by the same maker in October. Haunted Bly Manor brings some of the Actors returned from Haunted Hill House, such as Henry Thomas, Victoria Pedretti or Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who played the drug addict brother in Hill House.

They take on different roles, however, because the Bly Manor story is not in the now, but in the 19th century: After the tragic death of an au pair, Henry Wingrave (Henry Thomas) hires an American nanny at Bly Manor to look after his orphaned niece and nephew. But strange things are happening at Bly Manor, and soon one gruesome story should reveal. Brrrrr – try to find all ghosts in the trailer:

3. Rebecca (2020)

Release on Netflix: October 21

Rebecca is a Gothic storyAs it is in the book: Maxime de Winter (Armie Hammer) leads his new, young wife Mrs. de Winter (Lily James) after the wedding into a gigantic, luxurious property that hides a dark secret behind its walls. Maxime's last wife seems to haunt the corridors of the manor house – or is it all just one Ghost of the past? Curtain up for the trailer:

Speaking of which like in the book: The film is based on the famous novel "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier, which you may have stumbled upon before. Director at Netflix mystery thriller performs Ben Wheatly, who did the crazy movie High rise filmed with Tom Hiddleston and a few Dr. Who episodes.

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It's always nice to find out that streaming providers like Netflix also know what to play in Halloween month: horror! Fans of less horror don't have to complain either; look in the article a line above and see what else soars in October in the holy halls of the Netflix god.

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