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In an interview with the editors of Wowhead, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas revealed details about the loot from the first Shadowlands raid Castle Nathria. Bosses on the mythical level of difficulty should only drop three objects at a time. In addition, you only get loot with the highest item level in the treasure chamber when you have killed the last villains.

The editors at Wowhead recently had the chance to speak to Game Director Ion Hazzikostas about the upcoming Shadowlands WoW expansion. Among other things, it was about the loot in the first raid Schloss Nathria. The developer revealed that defeated bosses will only drop three items each on the mythical difficulty level (via Wowhead). For comparison: On the mythical level of difficulty of the BfA raids, five pieces of loot could be distributed per boss.

In addition, there are no more bonus rolls in Shadowlands. The bottom line is that progress guilds will receive significantly less loot per run. The good news: Since there is no longer any titanium forged, warforged or corrupted, you can choose from several items in the treasury if you meet the requirements and you can also receive your desired beating via weapon tokens, it should still be easier for you to get yours To equip character as best as possible.

The second important finding: If you qualify for additional loot in the treasury in Oribos through your visit to Nathria Castle, then you only get the chance of the higher-level loot there from the generals of the Stoneborn or Count Denathrius if you get them in Nathria actually laid (via Wowhead). The rewards for defeating the last two bosses, for example, have an item level of 220 on the heroic difficulty level, while the loot of the previous bosses "only" has an item level of 213.

You can find more information about the treasury in our large Overview of the 1st season of WoW: Shadowlands.

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