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It wasn't just CliffyB who had an interesting alien game idea that almost became a reality. 3D Realms should also develop a game for film. It was a co-op shooter.

It looks like we almost got several new aliens games. However, Disney's purchase of Fox not only resulted in the end of the action game CliffyB was working on, it also caused that 3D realms had to stop working on a co-op shooter.

Colonists and Marines against alien queens

As Frederik Schreiber, Vice President of 3D Realms, explained, together with Studio Slipgate, they were in the middle of the pre-production phase of a co-shooter with the working title Aliens: Hadleys Hope. In the game, Hadleys Hope's colonists on planet LV-426 were tasked with teaming up with a group of Marines to fight several alien queens and their brood.

In groups, you should proceed tactically to master numerous goals and side tasks in the challenging levels in atmospheric shooter fights. 3D Realms explains that story and atmosphere were central elements of the game. However, nothing came of the game. Because Disney bought Fox and that was the end of the game. Nevertheless, Frederik Schreiber hopes that there may be a chance to implement the game Aliens: Hadleys Hope at some point in the future.

Source: Twitter

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