November slips to Netflix, and with it some new films and series that want to captivate you in front of the screen. Four of them are particularly eye-catching, for fans of long-standing series as well as those who enjoy Oscar-winning film pearls.

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Spider-Man A New Universe

Netflix release: November 11, 2020

One of the best Spider-Man films – if not the best – vibrates after its release 2018 on Netflix, and I can only advise anyone who has not seen it: watch it! The animated film Spider-Man: A New Universe (Eng. Title: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse) follows the boy Miles Moraleswho, like many Spider-Man before him, is bitten by a radioactive spider and puff! – new, strange powers developed. A New Universe is far from a repetitive Spider-Man story, rather the film works with other Spider-Man universes and spins about them crazy story but also about the fantastic animation style away an icon in the franchise, and in 2019 even one Oscar could win. This film is not one that you should miss.

Check out the Spider-Man: A New Universe trailer:

Greatest Showman

Netflix release: November 1, 2020

Greatest Showman (2017) is especially for Hugh Jackman– and musical-Fans a must: The entertaining (more or less) biography of the circus pioneer P.T. Barnum tells how showbiz came about, in which Barnum created the greatest circus spectacle of the 19th century out of nowhere. The story is true, but the facts are blurred in Greatest Showman, which is why it is more than Entertainment film should be seen and not as a documentary biography.

American Horror Story: Season 9

Netflix release: November 28, 2020

The bizarre horror series American horror story is back in the already 9th season: With the title "1984“American Horror Story sends you this time in homage to pretty much all the slasher icons that the genre has spat out over the decades. There are no ghosts, monsters and paranormal events this time, instead everything revolves around Serial killer Mr. Jingleswho wants to fuck some familiar faces at a summer camp. Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Cody Fern, who you should already know from previous seasons, will also be there – Olympians Gus Kenworth, Leslie Grossman and Angelica Ross will also be featured.

Season 9 was actually released a year ago, but is now running on Netflix for the first time.

Insider tip: Paranormal

Netflix release: 5th November 2020

Although Halloween has just passed, Netflix will soon be releasing an entirely new horror series with a promisingly scary trailer: The New Show Paranormal (2020) date back to Egypt and is based on one of the most famous sci-fi horror book series there: the protagonist Refaat visits several haunted places, always trying to explain – and resolve – the (mostly) metaphysical events. Paranormal is the first Egyptian series on Netflix.

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