With Patch 8.3, Blizzard opens the final chapter of Battle for Azeroth. Our fight against the Old God N'Zoth marks the climax of the story about titans and the Old Gods. After all, in recent years we have puzzled over who is actually behind the sinister machinations of shadow hammer, death wing and Co. And even though we heard the name N'Zoth in Cataclysm for the first time, no one could imagine how great its impact on the history of Azeroth was and still is. N'Zoth's rise from lowest rank to absolute ruler alone is remarkable. For thousands of years, the octopus god waited for his liberation at the bottom of the ocean while creating an empire called Ny'alotha beyond reality. This nightmare realm was to serve as the cornerstone of the new Black Empire. Without the Titans and the Burning Legion in WoW (buy now for € 31.95): Legion disappeared into the Whirling Nether, the Old God in Azeroth seems to have an easy game. But will his rule last? Or is there an abrupt end to him and Ny'alotha?

The Black Empire and the Titans

When Azeroth was young, the ancient gods ruled the planet. These ancient and gigantic creatures are descendants of the Void Lords, those mysterious beings who have spoiled the entire universe and devoured all life since the beginning of time. The Void Lords themselves are unable to leave the Void, and so they created innumerable Old Gods, a kind of parasite that strikes their claws and claws deep into a soaked planet to eat up the unborn world soul. The slumbering world of Azeroth was a particularly great treat for the Old Gods, since their soul is a powerful, unborn titan. The ancient gods that landed on Azeroth were Y'Shaarj, Yogg-Saron, C'Thun and N'Zoth. Upon their arrival, the Void Creatures divided the ancient continent of Kalimdor among themselves and founded the Black Empire.

The great war

Blizzard changed the push personal loot of the Pantheon trinkets from this ID. After you have received the first piece of jewelry, the subsequent trinket will be adapted to your current loot specialization.

After their victory, the titans destroyed all temples, pyramids, and obelisks of the Old Gods to erase all memories of the Black Empire.

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But the rule of the Old Gods did not last forever, because the creators emerged from the darkness of the Whirling Nether in search of the unborn titan named Azeroth. We know these beings today as titans who liberated the universe from the yoke of demons and ancient gods. When the Titan Pantheon saw the chaos the ancient gods caused in Azeroth, the creators declared war on the Black Empire and its rulers. Two immense armies wrestled what felt like an eternity around the soul of Azeroth until the Titan forces were able to repel the servants of the Void.

The Deep Fall of the Old Gods
Y'Shaarj, the most powerful Old God, went to the collar first. The titans struck down the gigantic seven-headed creature and tore its lifeless body out of the earth. But Y'Shaarj's mortal body was already overgrown with Azeroth and so the old god tore a huge wound in the flesh of the sleeping titan in his agony. This wound, which quickly filled Azeroth's blood, was so severe that the titans feared for the life of the slumbering world. Given the great catastrophe, the Pantheon decided to lock the other three Old Gods away instead of killing them. The titans smashed the Black Empire and put Yogg-Saron, C'Thun and N'Zoth in immense prisons, the insurmountable walls of which were guarded by powerful titan guards.

The whisper, the naga and the curse of the flesh

WoW: Azshara / Eternal Palace

The Naga and her Queen Azshara are the creation of N’Zoth, who transformed the former night elves into monstrous amphibians.

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Without the tyranny of the Old Gods, Azeroth blossomed to new life. Mortal peoples founded new empires, but the Old Gods never even dreamed of spending their lives in captivity forever. Unable to physically leave their prisons, the Void creatures chose a subtle way to get out of their misery: the whisper. Each Old God chose their own attrition tactics to bring the minds of the Titan Guardians and mortals to their knees. As Yogg-Saron pronounced the curse of the flesh that turned the titan's many stone and metal servants into flesh and blood, N'Zoth clung to the heels of Neltharion and the Black Dragonflight. From the depths of the Well of Eternity, geographically not far from his dungeon, he watched Azshara, the night elf queen, whose insatiable hunger for power plunged the Kaldorei people into misery in the Ancestral War. After her fall, the octopus god Azshara showed the vision of the Black Empire and seduced her with all sorts of promises of immeasurable power and wealth.

The ancient gods quickly learned that they can secretly influence and even direct Azeroth's story in their favor. Every major catastrophe in the last millennium has grown on their crap in some way and they don't even shy away from the end of the world.

Old God Rivalry: Who is the Greatest?

The Old Gods founded the Black Empire together, but that did not prevent them from constantly waging war against each other. Rumor has it that originally more ancient gods inhabited Azeroth than the four we know by name today. Each of them logically wanted to be the greatest and most powerful God, so that when the time came it could devour the soul of the sleeping Titan alone. The Old Gods fought relentlessly after battle until Y'Shaarj emerged victorious. If the rumors are true, then some weak gods have been destroyed in these wars. There is evidence in the legend of Xal'atath that the dagger was created from the claw of an ancient god whose name we do not know. Perhaps this creature died in the power struggle for supremacy over the Black Empire. C'Thun, Yogg-Saron and N'Zoth survived these wars and retreated to their territories after Y'Shaarj's victory.

N'Zoth the sly spoiler
N'Zoth was lucky, but as the weakest of all gods, he always had to fear for his life. His army and the number of his followers were very small compared to the overwhelming power of his siblings and almost insignificant in the great structure of the empire. But what the octopus god lacked in clenching power, he made up for with his keen wit and cunning. To distract himself, he played his competitors off against each other. C'Thun (Classic) and Yogg-Saron (Wrath of the Lich King) 's brutal and less creative escape attempts are the best proof that they did not even have a fraction of N'Zoth's tenacity and foresight. After all, the octopus god learned a lot during his time in prison. He doesn't need large armies, but willing servants to bring Azeroth to his knees.

Mysterious places and artifacts of the ancient gods

The Yogg-Saron puzzle box has accompanied us as an archeology artifact since Cataclysm. We saw the true shape of the box for the first time in Uldir.

The Yogg-Saron puzzle box has accompanied us as an archeology artifact since Cataclysm. We saw the true shape of the box for the first time in Uldir.

Source: Buffed

The ancient gods created their own worlds beyond reality during their captivity.These mental spaces are not part of the classic domains like the shadow lands or the level of the elements, but a kind of consciousness expansion of overpowering beings that have grown beyond their physical existence. The said worlds, full of fear and madness, are connected to reality or even other cosmic locations in several places.

The dreamy forest
The Yogg-Saron puzzle box is a toy that has provided us with information about the Old Gods and their worlds for years. It was the box that first told us about N'Zoth's realm called Ny'alotha. "Ny'alotha is the city of countless old and terrible crimes." "In the lands of Ny'alotha there is only sleep." "There are only crazy things going on in the sleeping city of Ny'alotha." These are just a few of the many sayings that the box whispers to us at the push of a button. There is also talk of a dark forest that is a clear reference to the Tirisfal grove. The place where C'Thraxxi Zakajz and Xal'atath have been in trouble for a long time.

The emerald green nightmare is also one of the creations of the Old Gods, who could have a major impact on reality through the twisted version of the dream. In recent centuries, N'Zoth even managed to twist the blueprints the titans intended to rebuild Azeroth in an emergency so that he could create his own nightmare version of our game world – Ny'alotha.

Ny'alotha: nightmare or already a reality?

The servants of the Old Gods built large temples all over Azeroth, where they sacrificed countless mortals every day in honor of their masters.

The servants of the Old Gods built large temples all over Azeroth, where they sacrificed countless mortals every day in honor of their masters.

Source: Blizzard

The empire of N'Zoth has grown over millennia. Unlike his brothers, who were much more anchored in the real world, the octopus god built his domain on a level of existence that is not so easy to reach for both gods and mortals. As long as he was physically in Azeroth, he was in danger – N'Zoth learned this lesson in the era of the Black Empire. In order to escape his power-hungry siblings, the titans and new enemies, the octopus god created Ny'alotha, a world to which only the chosen have access.

Between the worlds
It is difficult to say exactly where Ny'alotha is. The fact is that this world does not exist in reality, but is firmly connected to it. The veil that separates the two worlds is particularly thin in the Valley of Eternal Flowers and Uldum. However, this is not because the influence of the titans is particularly great there, but because N'Zoth is targeting the facilities of the titan guards. The Old God can open the gates between the worlds at will and close them again. This fact naturally raises further questions. Has Ny'alotha long been real? Can N'Zoth reach other cosmic levels (shadow lands for example)? And can the octopus god in Ny'alotha be defeated at all? Although we bring our knees to the end of Battle for Azeroth N'Zoth, the nightmare realm and all related passages between the worlds remain. Is his supposed death part of N'Zoth's great intrigue to distract us from the fact that the Old Gods have long since spread to the shadowy lands? The fact is that the end of BfA raises more questions than it answers. All we know for sure is that the Old Gods are not villain amateurs and they always have a plan B.

WoW: Furorion versus N'Zoth in Ny'alotha – Ingame-Cinematic

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