There is a server to find them all and bind them forever: Probably the most famous Minecraft server ever celebrates the greatest milestone in its history in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. And it also shows that Minecraft is still a game that lives on mods and user creations instead of official updates.

The eight year old Minecraft server Hypixel celebrates a very absurd milestone: 18 million Minecraft Java players have logged on to this one server; multiple registrations are not counted. The founder of the server (affectionately called "Simon") calculates for us that this is the Half of all Minecraft Java players acts. Sorry, more than half:

"We just reached 18,000,000 players on the Hypixel Minecraft server! This means that around 52% of all people who bought the Minecraft Java edition manually were logged on to the server at some point. ”

In case you're wondering what Minecraft Java means: The Java edition of the pixel sandbox game was the first full version of Minecraft and was then replaced by Minecraft Bedrock in 2015; a new edition derived from the Pocket Edition, which enables crossplay between the platforms. Almost all of the mods created by players exist only for Minecraft Java – which is why a large number of block builders continue to use Java and ignore the new version, well.

What is special about Hypixel? With its 2012 release, the server is one of the oldest servers within the community, and he's been active all the time. The focus here is not on a specific topic – such as a Pixelmon server or an RPG server – but on the most popular Mini games in Minecraft. These include SkyBlock, Murder Mystery, Bed Wars, Smash Heroes and much more – just have a look yourself. There's also a category for classic games.

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Once you are logged in, you can choose between the mini-games and join hundreds to thousands of players who are just enjoying themselves. Right now – as I write this – are 57,449 players online at the same time. What are many. Oh! And of course it all costs nothing, which will certainly make the decision easier for many.