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In the new episode of the buffedCast we take a look at the disturbing visions of Patch 8.3 and discuss how this feature should bridge the time until Shadowlands. It also covers the most popular classes in Ny'alotha, frustration and fun from corruption, as well as storytelling BfA and the value of gold in WoW Classic.

Yay, disturbing visions are now much more fun in WoW – or not? The endgame feature of patch 8.3 will heat people up when Tanja, Sebastian and Matze look at the changes of the past few weeks. In addition, a look at the most popular classes in the Raid Ny'alotha provides a lot of need for discussion: who is this one deceit villain who faces N-Zoth? In addition, there is a possible release of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and so on from Shadowlands and the latest news on WoW Classic, where the ideal staff can now bring in over 10,000 gold. Finally, let's take a look at the literature, because the novel Shadows Rising should make you want to expand – does it work?

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buffedCast # 536

00:00:00 greeting
00:01:32 Disturbing visions – changes
00:15:28 Most popular classes in Ny'alotha
00:23:17 class or corruption? What matters more in the raid?
00:32:39 rumor mill: Shadowlands-Alpha and Release
00:39:30 WoW Classic – crazy price developments & WoW brand
00:53:27 Rental Power in WoW – our power is constantly being devalued
01:02:29 The Shadowlands Rising / Story by Shadowlands
01:13:39 judgment on storytelling in BfA

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