After the last edition of the buffedCast was all about WoW Classic, the conversations between Seb and Phil this time revolve around Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands. In the first part, the two discuss various new features and content that have gradually come to light over the past few weeks. They talk about the pre-patch, which is currently playable on the PTR, the lack of a physical version of Shadowlands, the adjustments to heirlooms, about Legendarys and about the fact that the level campaign has to be completely finished in order to get into the endgame of Shadowlands to start. In addition, the two talk about what could be behind the decision that there will probably be no physical version of WoW Shadowlands (apart from the Collector's Edition).

In the second part the two talk about current events around WoW. For example, via the server links, where Blizzard is currently jumping from one faux pas to the next and committing every imaginable faux pas. Then it's about breaking up the Gallywix community. What is this anyway and why was a single tweet enough to completely collapse a multi-million gold business – and shouldn't bans for some players of the ex-Method guild now actually follow? At the end we discuss Blizzard's statement that currently more players than in ten years are active in an "end phase" of an expansion on the live servers. How can that be when the number of players presumably continues to decline?

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buffedCast # 548

00:00:00 greeting
00:00:45 WoW Shadowlands Pre-Patch
00:13:00 No physical Shadowlands box
00:23:00 Campaign required for endgame
00:31:02 Adjustment to the heirlooms
00:38:05 Pact bonuses in dungeons
00:50:04 Legendarys and their sources
01:12:13 The mess around the server links
01:24:40 Gallywix is ​​broken up
01:46:55 As many players as there haven't been in ten years?

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