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In episode 565 of the buffedCast, Seb talks to Phil about the past and unspectacular April Fools’ Day jokes and the abolition of the 30 days of playtime that can be bought. Of course, it’s also about the massive buffs for five of the six tanks, as well as the adjustments to Ven’ari and the announcement of Patch 9.1 for the PTR.

Not much has happened in the world of WoW in the past two weeks. Patch 9.1 is still a long time coming. But at least there is now an official announcement about the release of the patch – even if only for the PTR. Of course, Seb and Phil talk in buffedCast 565 about what that means for a possible release date on the live server and why at least the worst fears will probably not come true. The conversation also revolves around how Blizzard wants to shape the time up to 9.1 and why we’re unpacking the inner nostradamus again and predicting some changes.

Before that, however, the two of them talk about the past April Fools jokes, which were not so spectacular this year – not to say: rather very boring. There were of course some exceptions. And maybe the Pringels Salty Tears will become reality one day. We got pandaren too.
There is also news in the current WoW. Because Ven’ari is now less strict about players – which both find very positive. On the other hand, the change that you can no longer buy 30 days of game time is not well received. And then of course the adjustments to the tanks have to be discussed, which (almost) all got a full buff.

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buffedCast #565

00:00:00 greeting
00:01:36 April Fools’ Day 2021
00:18:33 No more 30 days of game time
00:30:05 Demon hunter nerfs, tank buffs
00:39:33 MDI teams – underpaid esporters?
00:52:30 Ven’ari call account-wide
01:01:01 Patch 9.1 Schedule

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