6 days Twitch ban for WoW commentator Ziqo

Many WoW players should Ziqo know. The content creator has been present on various platforms with his streams and videos for many years. In addition, Blizzard has been planning with him very regularly for years when it comes to the PvP actions of the participants in Arena World Championship PvP tournament to comment or analyze.

Yesterday, Ziqo reached out to the community on Youtube because he had received a 7-day ban from Twitch out of nowhere. This is especially remarkable if you know the history of the WoW fan. After all, he was one of the first Twitch streamers and partners. He was one of the first streamers with a sub-button, he's a member of Twitch's Ambassador program and was due to take part in an online awards show on Twitch next weekend. In addition: In all these years as a streamer, Ziqo has never been banned or even warned.

And what happened now? Well, Ziqo doesn't know. According to the email of his account manager, the streamer is said to have violated the user agreement because hateful insults were used in one of his streams. Anyone who knows the streams from Ziqo will now be surprised. Insults don't really fit into Ziqo's content. He himself could not do anything with this message and asked for specific details or – even better – the link to the reported video or the affected passage.

Obviously, however, transparency is not one of Twitch's strengths even when one of the most famous streamers, partners and ambassadors is affected. In response, there was only a copy-paste message asking him to study the relevant section in the user agreement. The problem with this answer: The entire section covers a whole range of potential violations. Perhaps it was actually Ziqo who was offensive. Maybe an illegal symbol was briefly seen somewhere in the stream. Maybe there were insults in WoW chat that could be seen in the stream. Maybe it was something his teammates said.

However, without knowing the exact reason for the ban, it is difficult to behave safely in the future in such a way that such ban sentences are prevented in the future. So Ziqo wrote to support again. The case was changed from "Completed" to "In progress", only to be returned to "Completed" a few hours later without further feedback.

For a content creator who uses Twitch as a professional platform, even such a short 7-day ban is very annoying. First of all, of course, because during this time various planned streams (and thus also income) are canceled. Second, because Ziqo is banned and of course unable to take part in the Twitch online event mentioned above. He was very embarrassed to contact the event managers and tell them that he could not attend the event due to a ban. Thirdly, his account is now in a kind of probation phase for three months. During this time, for example, he is no longer allowed to offer bounties (which eliminates another source of income). And fourth, the ban will now be linked to the account history, which is even more annoying if you don't even know why and how to prevent this in the future.

Ban lifted, still question marks

A few hours ago there was an update from Ziqo. After six days and six hours, his 7-day ban was lifted "early". In the video you can still tell that he is angry about the poor communication between the Twitch officials. At the same time, he is noticeably touched by the support of the community and by other streamers who campaigned for Ziqo and his case after the first video on Reddit, Twitter and Co.

Since there were still no details about the affected stream in the last email from Twitch apart from a brief apology and the withdrawal of the penalties, the content creator does not know exactly what led to the ban and how to avoid such a situation in the future. He also emphasizes that a lame apology cannot make up for the stress of the past few days. He makes a living doing streams, shows, and hosting jobs. To be treated like this after such a long partnership is just lousy.

The bottom line is that the way Twitch acts in such cases is clearly in need of improvement. Or how do you see that?

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