Monday, December 06, 2021

6 things the new console makes better

The new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) (Image source: Nintendo)

Nintendo presented the new version of the Switch today, completely surprising. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) brings several improvements compared to its predecessor, which we will present to you in detail. Many have hoped for one feature in particular.


Nintendo Switch (OLED model): With many great improvements

We had to wait a long time, now the time has come. The Nintendo Switch (OLED model), as its official name, has just been unveiled. The upgrade looks quite small at first, but the details make the difference.

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From the NES to the Switch: The bizarre developments for Nintendo consoles
  1. OLED screen: As the name suggests, the new model of the Nintendo Switch is equipped with an OLED screen. But it does not stay at 6.2 inches, but the display grows to 7 inches. This takes mobile gaming to the next level. Despite the larger screen, the Switch itself doesn’t get any bigger. The edges are only significantly thinner. It stays at 720p.
  2. New stand: A really big annoyance with the previous Nintendo Switch was the measly display. With the OLED model, the kickstand now extends over the entire back and, similar to the Surface Tablet, can now be folded back even further. Looks much more solid.
  3. LAN connection: What annoyed us during fights when the Nintendo Switch had wireless connection problems. The company recognized this annoyance and installed a LAN connection in the docking station.
  4. Double memory: Nintendo is moving with the times with the OLED switch and doubling the internal memory. Instead of 32 there is now 64 GB, which can still be increased using a microSD card.
  5. Speaker: Not only the display should provide better gaming fun away from the television, but also the new speakers.
  6. Colour: In addition to the classic black version, the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is also available in white. At least parts of the switch are white, while the console itself remains black.

What we don’t currently know:

  • 4K capable? Is not mentioned, so on the TV it should stay with Full HD
  • New processor? Since 4K is not advertised and the performance is not addressed in any other way, we do not assume that it is.

Nintendo Switch (OLED model): price and availability

The new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be released on On the market July 8, 2021 come. Nintendo did not reveal a price in euros. In the US, the console costs $ 350.