How about a few sweet moments of shock that you don’t see coming? Or, hm, with games that are so uncomfortable that you still get goose bumps after they finish? Your horror well-being is our bloody heart, that’s why we have selected eight fine and free shockers for you, with which you can really spoil your sleep.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Oh, already played! Outlast? Kid stuff. Resident Evil 7? So please! As for horror, you might be looking forward to Resident Evil Village, but after that it looks bad again. At least where it costs something. But real horror treasures are hidden in the depths of the Internet, and not just them free are, but partly like that strange, uncomfortable and scarythat you might remember them longer than some horror blockbusters.

Under each of the following pictures you will find a direct link to the shocker.

The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 is here! Anyone who likes obscure horror indies may be familiar with the project12: Every year a group of horror game developers produces a haunted PS1 horror demo CD with a nostalgic trailer that is reminiscent of the 90s – and a number of crazy ones Horror game demos, most of which you can download for free from

In any case, the demos are all free. And there is (unfortunately) not really a physical demo CD – instead, you can download the collection here immediately.

Long: 30 minutes to 1 hour

When you want to close your eyes to sleep at night, a strange being sits down next to you and asks you even stranger questions: If you open your eyes, however, it disappears. Is it all just a dream? The special drawing style and the gruesome story make for a slow, crawling nightmare that you may still think of later in bed.

Install (Don’t) Open Your Eyes via

Long: 10 mins

You watch a person bloom: surreal, gross and extremely uncomfortable – a big recommendation and one of my favorite games on this list.

Install Discover My Body via

Long: 20 minutes to 1 hour

No Player’s Online throws you into an old online shooter in which you play Capture The Flag – just somehow nobody is there, except you. Or rather almost nobody?

Install No Players Online via

Long: 15 minutes

A grotesque, short story about a girl who goes to the country to analyze her body. Body horror.

Installed you 11:45 A Vivid Life. via

Long: 10 mins

A first-person horror game inspired by PT. Very good.

Install Error # 54 via

Long: 30 minutes

Exmortis was released back in 2004 and went viral for a short time because it’s not only gross and creepy, but also has nasty jump scares in store. In addition, you could and still can play it for free in the browser. Wonderful haunted house horror.

Play Exmortis directly at KHBGames.

Long: 2 hours

As an investigator, you arrive at an abandoned house in the woods linked to an old drug abuse case. In addition, a person has disappeared nearby, which certainly has nothing to do with it. The Silent House combines first-person with “Silent Hill” -comfortable horror, whereby in addition to the gruesome atmosphere there are also persecution challenges waiting for you to master.

Install The Silent House through GameJolt.

Already over? Not really, because there are tons of fantastic free horror games out there, for example Doki Doki Literature Club or He concluded, about which I have already reported here along with others.

I can also tell you which games we think are the best horror shockers of all time counting.

If you know a whole sack of free screeching games (or at least one!) That are not as well known as Slender – bring it on! Write to us and the other readers in the comments which free-to-spook games you recommend.