The Sars-CoV-2 corona virus continues to have a noticeable effect on our everyday life. Despite the sunshine, many of us are currently spending as much time as possible in our own four walls in order not to be infected or to infect others. And if we're stuck at home, then we can take the opportunity to tackle one or the other goal in WoW Classic that would normally take too much time to fit into everyday life.

Below we tell you what eight things we have in WoW for the next few weeks (buy now for € 19.99) Classic are on the to-do list. What does it look like: have you also set in-game goals for the corona quarantine period? Or do you prefer to concentrate on other games on your Mountain of Joy, on the mountain series as well as films on the streaming platform of your trust or completely different projects? Let us know in the comments!

Goal # 1: Master your raid logs!

Okay, okay – the bosses in the Molten Core and Blackwing Lair are so simple that you don't have to get the most out of your character. But in the long run it is pretty boring to rewind the same raid instances with the handbrake on. Why not sprinkle a speed run here and there, where, as a guild, you try to clean the core or Nefarian's fortress in a certain time? Or why not even challenge each other with the other classmates to see how much DpS is actually in your own hero without pulling aggro.

Like we did in our guide recently As a villain as much DpS in MC and BWL – how it works! have shown, however, it is imperative that you not only know your class well, but also invest time in the provision of world buffs and consumables. Time that you may be able to spend more easily during corona quarantine than in normal everyday life. A positive side effect: You are already practicing in Naxxramas for an emergency, because at the latest the level of difficulty will increase noticeably.

WoW Classic in the & nbsp; Corona quarantine: Regular visits to the farm raids are a lot more fun if you try to get the most out of your character.

WoW Classic in the Corona quarantine: Regular visits to the farm raids are a lot more fun if you try to get the most out of your character.

Source: Blizzard

Goal # 2: Farm as much gold as possible

We had in last buffedCast only talked about again that gold has significantly more value in WoW Classic than is the case in Battle for Azeroth. Whether it is the epic mount, the countless consumables for the raid evening, unbound random drops or the umpteen useful professional products: Those who own a lot of gold in Classic will benefit noticeably. At the same time, you have to invest a lot of time to accumulate a lot of gold.

It is already clear that everyday life in WoW Classic will become increasingly expensive for many players in the coming weeks and months. The upcoming raids drive up the need for consumables noticeably, especially the prices for vials are likely to continue to rise. This effect is exacerbated because the challenges in the temple of Ahn'Qiraj or Naxxramas are trickier than the current boss fights, which in turn creates more wipes, which increases the cost per raid evening. Added to this is the fact that new pieces of prey want to be enchanted or that we have to get nature and frost resistance clothes; anyone who wants to put Kel'Thuzad at some point should plan a few thousand gold pieces for it.

The author of these lines still has an invoice with Kel'Thuzad and therefore uses the corona quarantine to keep putting a few gold pieces aside. How? Well, with Gloom Break East Runs:

It currently stands at almost 3,000 gold. A solid cushion, but there is (much) more!

WoW Classic in the & nbsp; Corona Quarantine: Use the time to drive your gold level up.

WoW Classic in Corona Quarantine: Use the time to raise your gold level.

Source: Buffed

Goal # 3: Level a twink

Many players in Classic already do it: they level their second, third or even fourth twink at level 60. Leveling alone is a big time waster, but if you want to bring all the secondary characters to a proper level of equipment, you'll still be in several months busy.

However, the author of these lines is reluctant to level up and was happy when the alchemy twink had finally reached level 35 – to learn many of the recipes important for the main character, for example for the production of Elixir of the mongoose. A warlock is also currently in the works, with level 20 and the newly learned skill Summoning ritual is parked somewhere in the pampas where it is useful for the guild – in the Blackrock, for example, or in the spawn position of a world boss.

When the goal is reached, the level of a healing class may still be due, because the villain of the author can only do this job to a limited extent in the endgame (refueling part-time, on the other hand, is wonderfully "cough"). Arriving in the endgame for the first time, it will soon be quite easy to equip supporting characters promptly, at least halfway properly – Thank Zul'Gurub.

Goal # 4: Have fun in PvP!

Do not worry, we will not recommend you to jump into PvP now to end up in history with rank 13 or even rank 14. Even for corona quarantine, this grind is just too blatant and time-consuming. But you could use a few free afternoons or evenings to make the battlefield unsafe with the guild or a few friends. We can especially help you with this the Arathi Basin recommend that promises fast PvP action with the few important nodes. At the same time, there is no danger that an endless game awaits you in the pool, as it does from time to time in the Warsong Gorge.

Perhaps it is even worth it for you at one of the Battlefield factions have an awesome reputation build up to get access to the special rewards. In the Arathi Basin already mentioned, among other things, epic weapons for wizards, an epic cloak and epic shoulder pieces wave. Or you can earn parts of the blue PvP set for your character using the honor system, which, thanks to the set bonuses, are quite strong alternatives for some game styles.

You can also have fun in PvP in other ways: with a low-level twink that focuses entirely on a so-called "bracket", obtains the best possible equipment for this level range and then hot PvP with the other "noble" twinks – Battles on the battlefield supplies.

WoW Classic in the & nbsp; Corona Quarantine: A round of PvP with friends is always possible, right?

WoW Classic in Corona Quarantine: A round of PvP with friends is always possible, right?

Source: Blizzard

Goal # 5: Farm items you are keen on

Do you remember that Magician in Classic 1,570 times the Dungeon Maraudon visited until he finally got his desired item, the epic dagger Blade of Eternal Darkness, held in hands? For many classes and styles of play there is this one item, for which it is worthwhile to peg certain bosses over and over again. Let's just take that Wild chain of gladiators from the blackrock depths. Or maybe you are also keen on completely different drops – someone has it Reins of the Death Charger said ?!

The author of these lines was lucky to have the gem Hand of justice already dropped after half a dozen blackrock depth runs. Otherwise, he currently only has to visit the Molten Core and the Blackwing Lair every week … after all this time an epic chest part could finally drop for his villain. Although … with the mount Fast Zulian tiger you could certainly lure him regularly to Zul'Gurub. "Luckily" the ID of the troll raid resets every three days … and all ambitious raid participants have to go in there anyway to bring the reputation to Awesome.

Goal # 6: Prepare for the upcoming phases

We already indicated: the challenges of the last Classic phases will be noticeably more crisp than the current raids. In addition, phases 5 and 6 have some special features that you should already keep in mind and for which you can already partially prepare.

  • Obtain equipment with natural resistance for the temple of Ahn'Qiraj – for example, some useful items drop in the Maraudon dungeon. It’s best to store them already Large nature protection potion in the bank before prices explode.
  • Melee fighters are already getting weapons that cause frost damage for Viscidus – for example Hammer of the north wind, Frost sting, Cold Rage Dagger or Glacier blade.
  • Whether you are allowed to enter the raid Naxxramas in the last phase and how much the entrance costsdepends on your reputation at Argent Dawn. If you want to get in for free, you already have an awesome reputation with the faction.
  • Put the materials for vials (and other important consumables) back already, the prices will surely increase with the coming phases. If you don't have an alchemy master, take goal number 2 to heart and farm a lot of gold.

Goal No. 7: Get the most out of your home office time

There are advantages to working in your home office and having constant access to your own PC. Thanks to regular home office work, the author of these lines has been exploiting this fact since the Classic launch to specifically farm certain things in Azeroth. For example, he regularly parks his villains in the cave in the Winterfell Furbolg camp, where every eight or nine minutes Chief of the Winterfall shows up with two bodyguards. This always drops Firewater of the winter skinsbut often enough too E'ko the winter skins and more. As a fight villain, you can easily knock the trio out of life with all cooldowns in seconds.

Alternatively, you may park yourself Black Lotus spawn points or Rich thorium deposits. All of these spawns can easily be monitored while working on a second screen. You can't make your gold easier in WoW Classic.

WoW Classic in the Corona Quarantine: Do something with your friends and guildmates!

WoW Classic in the Corona quarantine: do something with your friends and guildmates!

Source: Buffed

Goal # 8: Have fun, experiment, help friends

Finally, a more general point. In Classic-WoW, the focus is on community, and of course fun. Use the current Corona quarantine to move around the houses with guild colleagues or friends. Equip twinks together, help with important quest lines, pull low-level characters through dungeons and sit together in the Discord to chat about God and the world. The quarantine is only half as bad.

But at the moment it is also a great time to try out new skills or to set individual challenges and goals for yourself. We have already mentioned some possible goals in this article, but there is a lot more you can do in Azeroth. The important thing is that you have fun doing it.

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