Doom Eternal makes life hell for you, because in the current edition of the classic shooter, the battles demand more from you than ever before. With our tips, however, you are optimally prepared.

Anyone who has played Doom (2016) or even played with the originals from the nineties should have more than internalized the basic principle of Doom. Nevertheless, there are some special features in Doom Eternal that even veterans should have in mind.

1. Use Glory Kills, the chainsaw and your flame spout

Doom Eternal is all about Glory kills. As soon as an enemy has received enough damage, it begins to shine and can be used by you in one particularly bloody melee animations to be killed. For this you will be rewarded with a lot of health. Power from this system as often as possible Use! Using the same principle, you can get ammunition with the chainsaw and armor with the flame spear. However, resources are necessary for these two weapons, unlike the Glory Kills, you should not and should not use them at every opportunity.

A rule of thumb: First, use all of your weapons and different types of ammunition and then use the chainsaw. This fills the ammunition Alles your weapons on, so it would be a waste to swing the saw if you just ran out of plasma ammunition. The Flame spouts is most effective when you have one whole group of opponents faces.

2. Attack is the best defense

Remains never stand and is not looking for cover. Shooters have been relying on automatic healing for well over ten years, creating an incentive to always look for cover. Not so Doom Eternal. The rewards you get from Glory Kills are so generous that it is special the best thing in hot situations is to throw yourself head over heels at the next opponent. Use your double jump, the dash and the numerous possibilities to catapult yourself through the arenas. As long as you are in the air, you are harder to hit, you can get an overview of the fighting and fall in the back of enemies.

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3. Save yourself weak opponents as "cannon fodder"

Especially in battles against entire groups of opponents, it is tempting to take care of the small opponents first and then fight the heavy opponents like a boss. Instead, do the opposite. Standard opponents like the zombies are almost harmless, thanks to Glory Kills and chainsaw donate urgently needed items. So concentrate first on the really dangerous opponents and should you run out of ammunition or life energy in the fight, you simply grab the next best zombie and you are fully equipped again.

4. Learn the opponent's weak points

Almost every major enemy you encounter has a special weak point. For example, you can use the Arachnatron's sting with the Heavy Cannon Precision Mode to destroy. The same applies to the Revenant and Mancubus cannons. The cacodemons, on the other hand, are no problem if you hit the demon's mouth with a well-aimed grenade.

Some weak points are explained in a short tutorial, but there are a whole range of tactics that you can only learn about your code. For example, you use the ballista to do additional damage to flying monsters. A look at the code can definitely decide whether you win or lose.

5. Prioritizes the search for totems

Now and then you get into special battles, in which all demons strengthened by a hell totem become. You can recognize this from the fact that the demons glow red. If that is the case, ignore all attackers and get ready only in search of the totem and destroy this. The fight against the demons is hopeless, because supplies arrive until the totem is destroyed.

The same principle applies to the Archvile. While it is a demon, as long as it is alive, it has the same influence on all other demons as the Hell Totem. So, first defeat the Archvile before you compete with the other demons.

6. Defeat Marauders with grenades

One of the most annoying opponents in the game is the Marauder, who can parry almost all of your attacks with his shield. Only for a brief moment when the Marauder's eyes glow green is he vulnerable. You can, however Just ignore the sign and make life difficult for the Marauder with grenades. Use either the frag grenades on your shoulder or the secondary fire mode of the combat shotgun. Since the explosions cause environmental damage, the Marauder is wounded by the attacks despite the shield.

7. Explore the Fortress of Doom

Between missions, you will regularly return to the Fortress of Doom, a base in Earth's orbit. There you can not only start the next mission, but also some unlock useful upgrades. The fortress is significantly larger than it appears on your first visit. So search all angles and gears carefully to find all upgrades.

To actually unlock these upgrades, they are Guardian batteries necessarythat you find during the campaign missions. We recommend using the batteries primarily for mods and suit brands, and keeping the cosmetic upgrades, such as additional outfits for your slayer, for the endgame,

8. Cheat what it takes!

In the levels of Doom Eternal you can Cheats in the form of floppy disks Find. These are usually well hidden, but have powerful effects like infinite extra lives. So if you discover one of the well-hidden cheats, you deserve to use it too.

Especially in the late game, when you are busy finding all outstanding secrets and collectibles in the levels you have already completed, the cheats offer a welcome change.

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