GameStop recently started the "9.99er" campaign again, where you can exchange selected games and hardware for upcoming top titles. However, the campaign period is limited.

Between January 7th, 2020 and January 27th, 2020 GameStop lets you choose selected games and hardware against upcoming top titles exchange, The list is updated weekly, so it's worth checking in regularly this list drop by.

If you swap two games, you get one of the action games for 9.99 euros. You can also vary the whole thing and connect a game with a controller, for example. If you only have one product to choose from, you can get the title of your choice for 39.99 euros.

A controller can fly there.

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These 29 games are so hard that they make you despair!

These action games are available for selection

The selection is a total of seven top games that will appear soon: