9 tips you should know before starting the game

Thanks to Minecraft Dungeons, the happy monster hunt à la Diablo is now also possible in the block world of Minecraft. With these tips you are ideally prepared for the adventure.

Minecraft has been flickering on the screens for ten years. No matter whether you have been there since the first day or have completely escaped the hype so far, you are Well prepared for Minecraft dungeons with the following tips.

1. Combines melee and ranged combat

There are dungeons in Minecraft no class selection, instead you can switch between close and long range attacks at any time. While most enemies can be easily dealt with in close combat, you should eliminate certain opponents from a distance. This includes above all magicians, who can strengthen their allies and therefore have to be eliminated first. Against most bosses you have it easier with a bow and arrow. The type of attack you specialize in in the long run depends on the equipment you find in the course of the game.

2. Pay attention to your arrows

Always keep an eye on the number of your arrows, as these can run out in the middle of the battle and are not automatically regenerated. This makes it all the more important to carefully consider which opponents you want to eliminate from a distance. You can get new arrows from defeated opponents or you can find them in chests. In addition, there are some items of equipment and enchants that always provide you with fresh arrows.

3. Use your artifacts

In Minecraft Dungeons you can equip up to three artifacts that support you with powerful bonus abilities at the push of a button. This can be a surface attack, flaming arrows, increased movement speed, healing and various other advantages. You should make urgent use of these advantages, especially at higher levels of difficulty. Particularly useful: Artifacts like the flame quiver work even if your own supply of arrows is already exhausted.

4. Beware of creepers!

The highly explosive creepers make your life difficult again in Minecraft dungeons. Two tactics have worked particularly well against the green adversaries: Run straight towards them and defeat them in close combat before they have a chance to activate their self-destruction. Alternatively, you can switch off the creeper with a bow and arrow from a safe distance.

5. Enchants your equipment

Depending on the rarity and level, you can improve your equipment with up to three enchants. You will receive one enchantment point for each level increaseyou can invest in these upgrades. Make urgent use of it, as most weapons and armor can only develop their true potential through these enchantments and, for example, can stun surrounding enemies, deal higher damage or heal you. You also get all already investing enchantment points will be refunded as soon as you use the enchanted item. So, with a clear conscience, you can also enchant low-level gear without wasting your points this way.

6. Don't just follow the quest marker

The extensive levels are full of secrets and hidden chests, in which useful equipment is hidden. However, you will miss most of these treasures if you only follow the given quest markers. So if you are looking for new equipment, it is best to explore every corner of the level. You can find out how many hidden chests are still waiting for you by opening the map.

7. Plays on a high level of difficulty

Before starting each mission, you have the option to adjust the level of difficulty. The game will always suggest an optimal level of difficulty, based on your strength. In most cases, however, you should be able to easily increase this level by one or two values. In this way, you get significantly better equipment and thus progress faster in the long term. If you do get problems now and then, keep in mind that you can die up to three times per mission. The quest only failed on the fourth death.

8. Invest your emeralds

Except for the enchantment points you get when you level up, emeralds are the only currency in Minecraft dungeons. Every time you return to your camp, you can purchase random equipment from the blacksmith and random artifacts from the Wandering Merchant. Make full use of it, because so far your emeralds have no other function than to be invested in these two dealers. The visit is particularly worthwhile after a level upgrade, as this gives you the chance to receive higher-level equipment.

9. Think about which items you will be looting in multiplayer

When you go out hunting monsters in Minecraft Dungeons with friends, you only have to worry about the fair distribution of the loot. All pieces of equipment, i.e. weapons, armor and artifacts, are generated independently for each player, so you cannot accidentally steal the rewards of your fellow players. However, this does not apply to consumables such as arrows, potions and food. In this case, it is best to carefully consider which player can use the items most in the current situation.

Do you have any other tips and hints that can help other players in Minecraft dungeons? Then she likes to write us in the comments!