A double disappointment for Take-Two Interactive

of André Linken
Take-Two Interactive is disappointed in two respects by the faulty WWE 2K20. According to the managing director Strauss Zelnick, the wrestling game did not meet expectations in terms of sales figures or the actual quality. However, he promises improvement.

When the wrestling game WWE 2K20 was launched in October last year, it had to deal with numerous bugs and glitches. The developer Visual Concepts has already added some fixes and updates to get at least some problems under control. But the child had already fallen into the well. This not only caused a lot of displeasure among the fans, but also the publisher Take-Two Interactive was obviously disappointed with the game. This is not least the result of a statement by the managing director Strauss Zelnick at an investor conference.

"Although we are disappointed that WWE 2K20 has not met our expectations in terms of sales or quality, 2K is actively working with Visual Concepts to resolve the issues. Soon they will have more to say about their plans. WWE is still a globally expanding brand, and there is still a long-term opportunity to expand our WWE-2K series by improving the quality of the game. "

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Accordingly, Take-Two Interactive officially admits that the quality of WWE 2K20 (buy now) was anything but exhilarating. At the same time, the publisher wants to stick to the series in the future and probably have other branches developed. It remains to be seen whether these will also come from the development studio Visual Concepts.

Source: Take-Two Interactive

Take-Two Interactive is visibly disappointed with WWE 2K20. (2) (Source: PC Games)

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