Rogue Legacy 2 is a rogue-lite and, as the title suggests, the second part of the series. For those familiar with the first part, this game will be a hit because it takes the predecessor, stays true to it and rounds it off neatly. Not only do we have different classes, new bosses and new traits in RL2, no, we also have new skills and passive effects. The game took its predecessor as a good foundation and built a decent castle on it.

The basics

In RL2 we play an ordinary side scroller where we explore a castle and build a barrack. The castle has several biomes and each biome has its own boss. Not all biomes are currently freely accessible as the game is still in Early Access. The people at CellarDoorGames work very intensively on the game and also look for feedback, which can be submitted quite easily via the Discord server.

We can enter the castle with different classes, which we unlock via a skill tree. We not only have typical roles such as knights, magicians and archer at our disposal, but also barbarians, fencers, cooks and Valkyren are among our allies. Each class plays completely differently. So the knight has a great sword

In the character selection you can choose between three knights

In the character selection you can choose between three knights

Source: Buffed

that he leads with one hand to cover a good area in front of him with one stroke, while a barbarian can reach a little further with his two-handed ax and has more range. However, this additional range is punished with lower attack speed, but rewarded with high damage. While the knight has a shield to block projectiles, the barbarian has a scream that freezes his opponents to ice. A fencer, on the other hand, has a fairly slow attack interval, but has an incredibly high attack speed. In addition, he can not only cause damage with a roll attack, but is also invulnerable during the role. So you quickly notice that each class has its own advantages and disadvantages. But in which game can you claim to have walked through a castle full of monsters as a cook and hit back fireballs with your frying pan?

In addition to the classes, each character also has its own traits. There are divas, characters with flatulence, vampires, color-blind people, people of short stature and giants. There are also capitalists and even pacifists. And now defeat a boss if your character rejects any kind of violence … Not only does each character have their own traits, they also have their own abilities. One character can throw a ball of fire, another throw a sound wave, and yet another can let out his inner Son-Goku and fire a huge laser beam. A lot of variety is offered here!

Ragequit or Cakewalk?

You know it all too well. Rogue lites are usually designed to be heavy and tend to drive the player insane. Is that the same here? Every player deals with something different, but I would put RL2 on a solid level. It's not incredibly difficult, but neither is it incredibly easy. If you know the behavior of your opponents, you can play them off well. The problem arises when you enter a large room with many opponents, or when you try to complete the game with the lowest stats. Here a boss fight can take a few minutes longer than usual and end faster than you'd like. The difficulty level of RL2 is solid. A beginner can feel his way around well and an expert can optimize well.

Long-term playable?

Whether RL2 can be played in the long term is largely up to you. If you are someone who only wants to complete a game once, you will be well served here for a few hours. If, on the other hand, you want to bring everything to the maximum, then you have a lot more to do. If you also want to optimize everything and, for example, want to end the entire game when you first enter the castle, then you will invest hours and hours here. Because a level 1 knight has neither a lot of life nor a lot of attack power. A high skill level is required here in order to be able to complete such a challenge. I invested almost eight hours in the game before Early Access and there wasn't too much content. Now, with the first major update, the class level system alone has added a lot of activity and suggested that the player test all classes.

Artifacts give you a lot of different bonuses "src ="

Source: Buffed

In the skill tree you can activate classes and increase your parameters "src ="

Source: Buffed


Rogue Legacy 2 is worth its current 16.79 euros. It may well be that after Early Access there will be a surcharge and the sum will increase to 20 to 25 euros. Even then, the game would still be worth the price. I can give you a very clear purchase recommendation for anyone who wants to test a rogue-lite or is already a fan of the genre. It looks very classic, it plays classic and it's just a lot of fun. Most importantly, the various traits can have very entertaining effects. As a small incentive to take a look: Just imagine that your character could let you go with every hit he takes or that any projectiles leave an individually colored veil and thus color the screen in all imaginable colors. As I said, I can only warmly recommend the game to you!

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