A little hope for Little Hope

After Until Dawn and Man of Medan, Little Hope crawls out of Supermassive Games ‘Horror Box, including small, disgusting dolls, screaming ghosts and a group of young adults who have to face the horrors of an abandoned city in the fog. And also a not quite finished game, if we're honest: Ready for a ghost story?

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

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What is The Dark Pictures: Little Hope?

After the infamous Until Dawn, developer Supermassive Games climbed further down into the horror abyss and finally announced the The Dark Pictures Anthology on, a series of smaller, halfway coherent shocks based on the principle of Until Dawn. Only that different scary stories are told in each case. Man of Medan is the first of these and drowned himself in the GIGA-GAMES test a year ago. The new hope is Little Hope, the second story in the series and with a completely different horror premise: A professor and his students end up filled with after a bus accident in the abandoned town of Little Hope giggling childrenthat disappear in the fog and brutal monsterswho it with Quick-time events to escape. Could that be with the Witch hunt that took place in Little Hope in the 17th century?

You only have to survive one night, but not just in the here and now: Little Hope plays two to three time levels, and what sounded like a well-known story is spiced up in the game by several interesting ideas to create a colorful potpourri. In addition to the single player, there are two other co-op modes: The Shared story mode, in which you and online friends sneak through the horror of the city – and the Movie night mode, in which up to five people can vote on a decision in couch co-op. Perfect for Halloween, although the online version makes more sense in view of the current situation.

Test conclusion with Strengthen and weaknesses

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope vacillates between Teen trash fun, one at times rousing story and one original but poorly implemented endingthat scrapes along the final impression with sharp fingernails. When I think of the shocker, the first thing that comes to my mind is the word “Pity!”. But if you're not expecting a second Until Dawn and are looking for some scary fun in between, Little Hope is worth taking a look at.

Strengthen by The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

weaknesses by The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

A fun, original trip

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, like Until Dawn and Man of Medan, does not invite you to the typical horror spectacle, rather the monster ball is peppered with it tricky quick-time events, hair-raising decisions and the steady Threat that you lose any character at any time could. And, oh boy, this premise is also kept: within the first few minutes you learn that everyone simply dies could. While your characters, who you are allowed to control over and over again in single player mode, dare one step at a time into that monstrous, foggy world of horror, your stomach tingles with tension: When will you be attacked? How can you escape? What do you have to do to make your favorites survive the horror show?

Little Hope shines with just this continuous tension, as do other detroit play-offs: Become Human or Until Dawn sharpen their instruments of torture with it. There is never any security, and some of the characters will grow dear to your heart – by the way, at least one of which you should know: Student Andrew will from Will Poulter brought into play via motion capturing; Poulter plays in Midsummer, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and the Maze runner series With.

I was particularly impressed by the story: Even if it is sometimes clichéd and trashy in some corners, Little Hope connects the present with two other time levels in an original way: Little Hope in the 70s and – much more important – Little Hope at the end of the 17th century, than many women and men in the city Witch hunt fell victim. The time travels are by no means just small video sequences, no, you can change things in the past yourself … or not? An enigmatic girl connects the worlds, and uncovering her secret is the most exciting moment in the game. Bravo, I would like to say, and yet I have to end with another word: But…

… if it weren't for everything else

While the branching story as well as the bad decisions Little Hope becomes one fun scary adventure flourish, it is technical inconsistencies and the end – which I won't spoil, of course – which Supermassive Games ‘Potpourri of good ideas spoil.

The German voice output seems to have fallen straight into the game from hell, because not only is it wooden – it also gives you the feeling at first that the characters in the game are all badly written and unsympathetic. They are not! At the shock of the bumpy start, I got them English version tried it and lo and behold: So much better. The difference between the two versions seems so striking to me that I would advise against trying the game in German at all. Too bad.

And that's not all: minor bugs didn't give me a chance to make some of the quick-time events on the PS4 Pro; however, I believe and hope these errors will be corrected with the Day 1 patch Fixed. What is certainly no longer tinkered with is the end – the biggest minus point that left me personally angry and confused.

Don't worry, I won't spoil the content of the ending. Regarding the gameplay, however, something evil seems to haunt the finale, a mean, inexplicable trick that you will find despite an almost perfect passage just because stabs in the back. Would you like to play so that everyone survives? Would you like to make good decisions and survive all quick-time events almost flawlessly? Well I have. I thought. Until suddenly everything was taken from me, in the last seconds of the game and over a mechanic that was not even explained to me before.

Everyone's survival doesn't just depend on your decisions, the quick-time events or the story, no: It mainly depends on which properties you have unlocked for the individual characters. Which would be okay if the game had pointed it out to you. However, it leaves a bitter aftertaste, despite the otherwise successful ending.

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Little Hope seems to be the new hope after Man of Medan, which could only do mediocre due to bugs and controls. Well, Little Hope is not a new hope – on the contrary, unfortunately, because although it is Story with originality and creativity Surprised, the joy of the game diminishes for some shortly before the credits. Too bad.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope takes about four to five hours to complete one run-through. The horror adventure will be released on October 30, 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

6.9/ 10

"The horror in The Dark Pictures: Little Hope will get its bony fingers, but also technical inconsistencies and wrong decisions in gameplay."

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