A massive wave of bans causes an uproar

from Karsten Scholz
In the past few hours, numerous WoW Classic players have reported that they have received a ban from Blizzard. The reason, in most cases: Item / Gold exploitation. The penalty, according to the WoW client: more than 18,000 days without WoW. However, there is more and at the same time less behind it. The details!

Anyone who has already browsed the WoW Classic Reddit or the official WoW forum today has surely stumbled upon the numerous reports of banned players. Apparently those responsible at Blizzard have unleashed a massive wave of bans in the last few hours, more alleged fraudsters than them otherwise usual "thousands a day" caught.

The details of the reports often read similarly:

  • The reason given for the ban is gold / item exploitation or exploitation of game mechanics.
  • Often entire raids or guilds are to be affected.
  • The WoW client informs those affected that they have been banned for over 18,000 days.
  • Those affected affirm their innocence, they have never violated the user agreement.

As far as points 1 and 2 are concerned, Vrakthris from Blizzard's customer support team in the official WoW forum Reported to speak a few hours ago. He cannot reveal any details about the current wave of bans, but the banning of entire raids or guilds is usually due to the fact that they have used the game's terrain to their advantage in some unauthorized way – for example by exploiting themselves through walls or floors.

There is already feedback on point number 3: Apparently the display is in WoW (buy now € 14.99 )-Client faulty. The correct indication of the ban duration, however, reveals the email sent out to the banned. In most cases, the players were apparently banned for seven days.

As for the last point: Several players were able to initiate a manual review of the case by creating a ticket and thus have the ban withdrawn. If you are concerned and innocent, we recommend that you open a ticket immediately.

Above all, the faulty ban duration has already washed some memes into the network:

Sources: Official WoW Forum (Post 1, Post 2), Reddit

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