A new hero on the move? The developers tease!

of Susanne Braun
The developers of Overwatch seem to want to introduce a new hero for the team shooter soon. The makers of the popular game have published two teasers on Twitter: a sound recording and a diary entry by Dr. Mina Liao. What can they point to?

Overwatch fans watch out, the developers of Blizzard seem to want to announce a new hero for the team shooter shortly. How do we get it? The makers of Overwatch have published two teasers themselves via Twitter. On the one hand it is a diary entry and on the other hand it is a sound file by Dr. Mina Liao. Doctor Liao reports in the personal entry that she can dedicate herself to her heart project in her research for the successful Athena prototype. In the text as follows:

"March 20th
After all this time, it is good to finally be able to concentrate on the research that is really close to my heart. The Athena prototype was successful. So much so that Jack finally agreed to authorize my latest project. (imitates Jack) "Subject to future evaluation." The timing couldn't be better. People continue to fear omnics, at a time when they appear more human than ever. These Omnic monks in Nepal are convinced just like we have souls. And just recently I heard about assembly line omnics in London that stopped working and said they "finally understood" and wanted to find meaning in life.

Why don't we understand that artificial life is still life? Instead, we turn in the opposite direction. Violence against omnics is increasing and more and more governments are restricting their rights and freedoms. I can only hope that this project will change something. Perhaps people will understand that artificial life has incredible potential if we don't just consider it our property or our servants. There is still so much to do, but I have to show the world the way forward before it's too late. "

Doctor Liao is absolutely convinced of the personality of artificial life – but did she get lost in something in her research? Because in the published audio file you can hear (probably) screaming: "Back, everyone back! Stay down! Stay down!"

The calls are accompanied by background noises such as digital buzzing and the splintering of glass. It can be assumed that the new hero will be an omnic. Whether he's in the Overwatch lore (buy now for € 58.99) then one of the "good guys" or "bad guys", we hope to find out soon.

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