A new world boss rush! Overview of rewards

from Matthias Brückle
From the evening of August 18th, we can look forward to more loot from the imposing world bosses in Guild Wars 2. Because the rush event not only offers extra loot, but also community goals with special goodies.

Guild Wars 2 last saw a world boss rush about a year ago – now it's that time again! The world bosses wipe the sweat from their foreheads as a precaution, because from the evening of August 18th They are likely to run into even more players than before. Whoever kills world bosses during this special event will receive additional reward boxes. There is more loot from longer event chains (such as Tequatl, Zerschmetterer or, more recently, Drakkar in the Bjora swamps).

Community rewards from World Boss Rush in GW2

Once again, there will be community rewards based on the collective performance of all Guild Wars 2 players (buy now for 39.95 €) add up. To be able to receive these, you simply need to have defeated a world boss for each rank of these rewards. These community goodies are available this year:

Rank 1

  • 3 fixed amplifiers
  • 4,500 karma
  • 5 guild banners for booty gold
  • 3 ghost banners

Rank 2

  • 3 fixed amplifiers
  • 4,500 karma
  • 5 guild banners for gathering and rushing
  • 10 cartography materials for Pact scouts
  • 500 Ash Legion Commendations
  • 500 Flame Legion Commendations

Rank 3

  • 3 fixed amplifiers
  • 4,500 karma
  • 3 plates of chicken in red wine sauce with a sesame crust
  • 5 guild banners for karma and experience
  • 500 Blood Legion Commendations
  • 500 Iron Legion Commendations

    Rank 4

    • 3 fixed amplifiers
    • 4,500 karma
    • 5 guild banners for gold and magical sense
    • 10 bonus boxes with goods
    • 500 Frost Legion Commendations
    • 500 Supremacy Commendations

    Rank 5

    • 3 fixed amplifiers
    • 4,500 karma
    • 5 guild banners for heroes
    • 20 blue prophet shards
    • 20 red prophet shards
    • 20 green shards of prophets
    • Endless shiny chest potion
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