Everyone is talking about the Pokémon Sword and Shield after yesterday's Direct flooded us with new content about the game (and successfully drowned it). We have summarized everything for you in our big article – but now, yes now, we'd rather talk about the Pokémon with the firearm.

Intelleon – along with other Pokémon – will be a new one Gigadyanamx form receive. Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct featured a new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Sword and shield expansion pass announced that not only with several new Pokémon, but also with three more gigadynamaxaxifications comes along. And these would be the following:

  • Gigadynamax-Gortrom
    Category: Drummer Pokémon
  • Gigadynamax-Liberlo
    Category: Goalscorer Pokémon
  • Gigadynamax Intel Leon
    Category: Secret Agent Pokémon

A secret agent Pokémon, um. Like Hitman? James Bond? Nearly:

That’s not right, is it? Although this is a water-powered sniper rifle, and the sniper tower on which it sits, is actually his tail, but … – no, that's undoubtedly wrong. With the red eyes and the deliberately cold look, Intelleon stands out in addition to cute sheep Pokémon like Wolly in a strange way. Is Pokémon Growing Up Slowly? Is it even supposed to?

Although you can't joke with Intelleon, Twitter laughs anyway. So not Twitter in person – that would be strange – but at least the Pokémon community, which Intelleon takes as the most bizarre new Pokémon creation (and there is already that Sandcastle Pokémon Colossand):

Has Pokémon got better in the past decade? So if there's a sniper Pokémon now … uhm.

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Have Pokémon, Zelda, FIFA and Co. got better in the past 10 years?

Now let's be honest: That can't be water in this sniper rifle, that's what Intelleon looks for way too bad, I suppose it is at least acid or something similar terrible. In addition, the question remains, how clever must the cute Memmeon be when it is ambushed for its kills in its full-blown form?