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The developers of Guild Wars 2 are listening to player feedback on a much-criticized aspect of the Icebrood saga, the Champions article to be precise. That's why there will be a change with the update from March 23, which is primarily intended to protect the in-game wallet.

The Icebrood saga of Guild Wars 2 has aroused mixed feelings among players since the release of the previous Champions chapters. After all, there are no new areas, only dragon aid missions, i.e. instanced content in mostly old zones. The collection of successes is also particularly frustrating: The big meta-success "Extended Goals" so far requires all 31 champion successes to be unique Stretching workout emote to unlock – and that is simply sinfully expensive due to the weapon collections. The developers change that with the update from March 23rd.

Dragon slayer weapons no longer necessary for success, and cheaper too

It currently costs thousands of gold pieces to complete the dragon slayer weapon collections, among other things because of the expensive Prismatium bars and the hard-to-find Prismatizit deposits. The update from March 23 therefore brings the following changes:

  • The required number of Prismatic Bars to manufacture the weapons will be reduced from 10 to 5.
  • The recipe for the prismatic bar then requires 5 instead of 10 prismatices.
  • On alternative recipe for Prismatium Bars that uses more Prismatizite and less Orichalcum, will be available from the Olmakhan dealer in the Eye of the North.
  • For "Daily Dragon Interventionist" become players rewarded with 10 instead of 6 Prismatizit.

Fancy the dragon slayer weapons? Take a look at the models in our gallery

The basic models of the dragon slayer weapons are chic even without fire or ice effects - and will also be cheaper in the future.

The basic models of the dragon slayer weapons are chic even without fire or ice effects – and will also be cheaper in the future.

Source: Buffed

In addition, as of the update of March 23, only 26 championship achievements are required to unlock the "Stretching" emote, the complete weapon collections move to the "Rare Collections" success category. Although they continue to advance the meta-success, they are no longer necessary for completing "Extended Goals".

In the forum, the developers emphasize that they have simply miscalculated the requirements for meta success. "We don't plan for future meta-successes of this type to have requirements that are very expensive or intended as long-term goals."

Source: Official GW2 forum

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