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World of Warcraft is full of unsolved puzzles and mysterious secrets. Anyone who dares an adventure trip through Azeroth and beyond will discover dark and dreamy places that raise many questions. The lonely elven island, which lies in the southeast of the island of the exile, is one of those enigmatic areas. An adventurous gamer named ArmoredSpacePony recently reached said island and had a look around. Check out his discovery in the video!

The island of the exile – the name of the new starting zone of WoW: Shadowlands sounds dark and mysterious. This small piece of land is the new tutorial area for heroes from level 1 to 10. There, newcomers to WoW learn how World of Warcraft works, away from all game content. In addition to numerous quests and fights, new recruits in exile can look forward to a special adventure that awakens the spirit of discovery. Some players have spotted an island in the distance with a tower that once belonged to a night elf temple. For most heroes, this island was previously inaccessible because you died of exhaustion trying.

However, the now proves that it is not impossible YouTuber ArmoredSpacePony, who explored the mysterious island with his shaman. He had to first reach level 8 with his goblin to learn reincarnation. As soon as this spell was available, he made his way to the said elven island. The journey there required a lot of patience, after all, he had to wait for the cooldown of reincarnation each time before he could continue swimming.

For those who do not want to make this arduous journey themselves, there is a video in which you can accompany ArmoredSpacePony on its research journey.

The island is not as lonely as it seems at first. An abandoned camp, a vrykul landing site, and an abandoned night elf temple complex are highlights of the area and may have been part of an earlier draft of the new launch experience. We will probably never know what Blizzard's developers originally planned to do with this island.

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