The Arkane Studios are 20 years old and that's reason enough to deal with the studio, which also found the courage for the unconventional in its games.

Dishonored: the mask of anger

Probably the most well-known range of Arkane Studios are the Dishonored games. The stealth games are very popular with genre fans, but they do not take the easiest route – but maybe that is exactly what makes the Dishonored brand so appealing.

The Arcane Studios

The studio was founded in Lyon, France in 1999, and there has been a second one in Austin, Texas since 2006. Until 2010 it was developed for various companies, and with the takeover by ZeniMax Media, Bethesda (also belongs to ZeniMax) became the publisher for the games from Arkane.

Arx fatalis (2002) is an action RPG and the first game by the French developers. Despite rather positive reviews, the game was not a financial success, it had to be against The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights. The apparent urge to compete against big brands is also important at Dishonored.

The second game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (2006), was praised for its innovative melee system, but otherwise received only modest applause from the critics. The "Xbox 360" version was heavily devalued due to technical defects.

After that, the Arkane Studios were still working on Call of Duty: World at War (2008) and Bioshock 2 (2010) With. Then Bethesda came up with the idea of ​​developing a stealth game based in feudal Japan. The name: Dishonored.

The Dishonored range

Everyone should know that nothing happened with the feudal Japan.Dishonored: the mask of angerwas released in 2012 and received three DLCs, the second part with the German title expansion The Legacy of the Mask came on the market in 2016. A year later followed a spinoff called Dishonored: Death of the Outsiderthat many would have preferred to see as Part 2 DLC.

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Industrial-Victorian whale oil punk

One of the most salient features is the scenario and the associated art style. Instead of feudal Japan, there was Victorian steampunk. Originally, on London of 1666 oriented, but in the course of development electricity and other modern technologies have been added, so the Dunwall, the city that serves as the main venue, is closer to that English Edinburgh of the late 19th century resembles. Dunwall has been hit by an epidemic that has plagued rats. This not only shapes the image of the city, but is also a crucial game element.

Dishonored follows its own interpretation of steampunk, because the eponymous steam power does not exist. A Technique based on whale oil operates the machines of the game.

While Dunwall constantly as a dark place is shown with an oppressive atmosphere, the second part deals with the player Karnaca, a city on an island located in the south of the game world. The city is much brighter and there is a little lack of the industrial rawness of Dunwall, since wind turbines and not oil tanks serve as electricity suppliers. This makes it correspondingly windy on the island, which ensures that storms of dust regularly envelop the city and take away the view of players as well as NPCs.

Of assassins and empresses

Although the story isn't one of the main arguments to play the Dishonored series, you will in this section no big story spoilers find beyond what is necessary to outline the actions of the games.

In the first part, the player takes the role of Corvo Attano one, the bodyguard of Jessamine Kaldwin, the empress of the island empire, in which Dishonored plays. At the start of the game the Empress murdered and her daughter Emily kidnapped, Corvo is blamed for the act by the masterminds of the coup and he is arrested. However, he is liberated by a few loyal emperors and is now looking for the conspirators who now rule the empire by force, and of course Emily must also be found and liberated.

Shortly after fleeing Corvo meets the outsider, a mysterious figure who magical power gives. In addition to magic, Corvo also uses various Weapons and technical aids. He wears the famous mask so that he can carry out his research undetected.

In the sequel, 15 years after part 1, is Emily Empress and ruled over the empire with Corvo as the imperial patron. An assassin eliminates Emily's enemies and she is suspected of being behind these murders. Duke Abele from Karnaca (capital of Serkonos) leads one with supporters at the court Coup against Emily. He succeeds, but not he ascends the throne, but a woman named Delilah who claims to be Emily's aunt.

The player decides at the beginning whether he when Corvo or Emily tries to uncover the conspiracies and secrets surrounding Delilah and liberated the other character. Again, a small group of loyal followers are at the player's side and the magical abilities as well as the technical aids are available again.

The outsider's spinoff death is about Billie Lurk, a character from the second game, which is based on what happened to Emily, Corvo and Delilah in search of the outsider to kill it. However, this visits Billie and also gives her magical powers. Nevertheless, she sets off to find him and the cult that created him.